2019 Top 24 WR’s 13-24

The top 24 scoring WR’s in 2019 has some breakouts and well known players, (in this article we will look at 13-24) but how did they get there? We take a look at how they performed, and their outlook for 2020.

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2019 Top 24 WR’s 13-24: #13 Jarvis Landry

Receiving Stats: 83 recs, 1,174 yards, 6 TDs

Landry finishing as the leading receiver in Cleveland is a shock, given that the team acquired Odell Beckham. However, despite an awful start to the season, Landry ended the season strongly.

2020 Outlook: Landry‘s value is going to depend on what the team chooses to do with the offense in general, and how they share the targets. Beckham should bounce back next season, while the TE duo of Austin Hooper and David Njoku will command opportunities. If the team opts to emphasize the run game, Landry could struggle next season.

2019 Top 24 WR’s 13-24: #14 Tyler Lockett

Receiving Stats: 82 recs, 1,057 yards, 8 TDs

Lockett had a season of two halves. He had a fantastic start to the season but struggled after a Week 10 injury led to rookie DK Metcalf being more effective.

2020 Outlook: Lockett had a great season in 2018, and started out strongly in 2019. However, the emergence of DK Metcalf could mean that in a run-first offense, Lockett would struggle to return fantasy value at his (likely) ADP.

2019 Top 24 WR’s 13-24: #15 A.J. Brown

Receiving Stats: 52 recs, 1,051 yards, 8 TDs

A.J. Brown benefitted from the team opting to give Ryan Tannehill the starting job. While that was towards the end of the season, when rookies tend to start to be more effective, his big games were fantastic for fantasy owners.

2020 Outlook: The Titans brought back Tannehill for next season, but they also tagged RB Derrick Henry. With the commitment the team has to the running game, Brown could struggle with a lack of volume, making him a risky pick next season.

2019 Top 24 WR’s 13-24: #16 D.J. Moore

Receiving Stats: 87 recs, 1,175 yards, 4 TDs

Moore was very good last season. Not great, but good. Simply, he didn’t score enough TDs to be great. In an offense that is led by RB Christian McCaffrey, Moore is the next man in the offense.

2020 Outlook: Carolina has brought in Teddy Bridgewater at QB, moving on from Cam Newton. Added to that the team has a new head coach who will be looking to operate his offense. Moore is still a good WR2 option for next season.

2019 Top 24 WR’s 13-24: #17 DJ Chark

Receiving Stats: 73 recs, 1,008 yards, 8 TDs

Unlike others at the WR position, Chark started really well, before struggling in the second half of the season. That will be partly due to injury, but equally the team looked lost on offense towards the end of the season.

2020 Outlook: Jacksonville have a new offensive coordinator, and has decided to trust Gardner Minshew as their QB entering next season. Chark could have a good season, but he isn’t a certainty to be a WR2.

2019 Top 24 WR’s 13-24: #18 Stefon Diggs

Receiving Stats: 63 recs, 1,129 yards, 6 TDs

Diggs had an effective season last year, with fellow WR Adam Thielen missing time through injury last season. The Vikings offense was inconsistent last year, which led to a number of poor games from Diggs.

2020 Outlook: The Vikings have allowed Diggs to move on, with a trade sending him to Buffalo. Diggs has excelled as a deep threat, which he should get the opportunity to do next season. His inconsistency make him a borderline WR2 option for next season.

2019 Top 24 WR’s 13-24: #19 Courtland Sutton

Receiving Stats: 72 recs, 1,112 yards, 6 TDs

Sutton was forced into the lead receiver role midway through the season after Emmanuel Sanders was traded away. Sutton excelled in that role, as part of an offense that became more effective towards the end of the season.

2020 Outlook: The Broncos know what they want to do on offense now, and they look to be able to rely on Sutton as their lead receiver. Sutton should be a great WR2 option for next season, with the potential to be a borderline WR1.

2019 Top 24 WR’s 13-24: #20 Tyler Boyd

Receiving Stats: 90 recs, 1,046 yards, 5 TDs

Boyd was one of the few bright sparks on the Bengals offense that was often unable to move the chains. Boyd was an effective lead receiver but equally struggled to be consistent with the added attention he got from defensive backs.

2020 Outlook: A.J. Green has returned to the team, which should help Boyd. When the two receivers played together, Boyd enjoyed secondary coverage from defenses. Boyd should be more consistent next season but might struggle to be a WR2 next season with the return of Green stealing targets away.

2019 Top 24 WR’s 13-24: #21 Robert Woods

Receiving Stats: 90 recs, 1,134 yards, 2 TDs

Woods‘ finish on the season would’ve been even better if he managed to get into the end-zone more effectively. In fact, he only scored his first TD in Week 14.

2020 Outlook: Woods has been the picture of consistency since he became part of the Rams offense. Woods is likely to yet again be a WR2 next season and is the perfect option for fantasy owners.

2019 Top 24 WR’s 13-24: #22 Michael Gallup

Receiving Stats: 66 recs, 1,107 yards, 6 TDs

Michael Gallup was a great secondary receiver for the Dallas Cowboys last season. Gallup actually had only seven fewer targets than their lead receiver Amari Cooper.

2020 Outlook: Cooper returning to the Cowboys offense is great for Gallup who should receive secondary coverage. Gallup could end up as a great draft value next season, depending on his ADP.

2019 Top 24 WR’s 13-24: #23 John Brown

Receiving Stats: 72 recs, 1,060 yards, 6 TDs

In his first season in Buffalo, Brown‘s fantasy finish came as a result of having a season of good but unremarkable games. Brown was the lead receiver on a run-first team that utilized deep passes on play-action.

2020 Outlook: Brown is likely to be a bit of a draft-day disappointment. The team is unlikely to move away from the run, given its success last season, and have acquired Steffon Diggs which will split the passing targets next season.

2019 Top 24 WR’s 13-24: #24 Davante Adams

Receiving Stats: 83 recs, 997 yards, 5 TDs

Adams finish last season crushed fantasy owners, especially the first half of the season where the team established the run. Despite that poor start and missing a number of games, Adams still managed inside the top 24 at the position, showing his fantasy credentials for next season.

2020 Outlook: Adams is still the lead receiver for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. While the team has looked to establish the run, they still looked to their lead receiver when they needed to move the ball through the air. Adams should be a WR1 next season.

Image credit: Ken Blaze/Scott Galvin, USA TODAY Sports