2020 Offseason Dynasty Free Agents: QB

The 2020 offseason is here, so there’s never been a more perfect time to look at the changes you need to make for dynasty- here we look at some QB free agents. Let’s just get straight into it!

Dak Prescott (Prev. DAL)

Dak Prescott was on course for a record breaking year when his season was cut short by injury. The Dallas star suffered a compound fracture and dislocation to his ankle in week five. Fortunately the surgery was a success and he is scheduled to be back for the start of next year. However, you never know for certain how a player will come back from such a big injury.

There are still doubts about him getting paid and becoming the long term QB in Dallas. He is in the final year of his contract but you have to think Jerry Jones will pay up. Dak was incredible in the first five games passing for 1,856 yards and nine touchdowns. He was on pace for around 5,500 yards and 30 touchdowns. You might be able to pick him up slightly cheaper then you would of last year. However, expect to pay a lot for him!

Mitchell Trubisky (Prev. CHI)

Mitchell Trubisky has had an up and down start to his NFL career. He was taken by Chicago in the first round in 2017 and showed promise in his first two years. However, the Bears have now decided to let him become a free agent before his fifth year. This year he was only involed in 10 of the 16 regular season games as he fought Nick Foles to be the starter.

In the end, Trubisky won that battle as he started the Bears playoff game against New Orleans. The fact that he still showed he is a capable QB this years shows he could get another starters job. He passed for 2,055 yards and 16 touchdowns this season and had a completion percentage of 67.0. He is only 26 years old and he could become a better player in a different organization. Trubisky is a risk to trade for but he is cheap and he might start for another team.

Cam Newton (Prev. NE)

Cam Newton had a tough year in New England as the whole offence struggled to win games. He was only on a one year ‘prove it’ deal with the Patriots and he will probably move on. Newton looked fit after missing most of the previous year through injury. However, that did not translate into results.

Newton finished the QB16 for the season, showing that he is still fantasy relevant. His rushing was impressive and was top of the rushing touchdown charts for QB’s with 12. However, he only passed for 2,657 yards and eight touchdowns. His biggest concern was that his pass completion percentage was only 65.8% and he threw 10 interceptions. You can trade for Newton but any more than a third is too much unless he is a confirmed starter.

Ryan Fitzpatrick (Prev. MIA)

Ryan Fitzpatrick only played nine games this season with the emergence of Tua Tagovailoa. This was always on the cards for Tua to take over so it should not of come as a surprise if you have Fitzpatrick. The only reason Fitzpatrick continues his NFL career is will be as a back-up QB.

In the nine games he was involved in he did look good and shows he can do a job. He passed for 2,091 yards and 13 touchdowns but also had a pass percentage of 68.5%. This shows he can do a job and so if he does get picked up by team he would make a decent third/fourth string for your team. Do not pay anymore than a fourth for him!

Jameis Winston (Prev. NO)

The final free agent QB is Jameis Winston who has been on the New Orleans bench most of the season. Winston showed how valuable he is for fantasy last year in Tampa but he cant help you on the bench. The rumour going around is that this is Drew Brees last year. However, when Brees was injured earlier this year Taysom Hill took over.

Winston is worth taking a punt on because he is only 27 years old and he has shown how valuable he is. If you want him it makes more sense to trade for him now before Brees does decide to retire. If you wait his price will go up as he could be the starter for an explosive offence. Do not pay more than a second for him!

That’s it for our QB edition of our 2020 Offseason Dynasty Free Agents! We are going to be providing you with dynasty content all offseason. So check us out as well as our social media channels. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And, as always, if you want something more specific to your league- reach out!

Image Credit: Bill Streicher – USA TODAY Sports