2020 Offseason Dynasty Free Agents: WR

The 2020 offseason is here, so there’s never been a more perfect time to look at the changes you need to make for dynasty- here we look at some WR free agents. Let’s just get straight into it!

Allen Robinson (Prev. CHI)

Allen Robinson finished as the number 12 wide receiver in a strong 2020. He is the main guy in Chicago but his contract is up and he could get some big offers. He has been consistent over the last two years in Chicago averaging 1,200 yards per season. Chicago are right on the line when it comes to cap space so would struggle to bring him back. If he was to go to a team with a strong QB then he would do just as well if not better.

Currently Allen Robinson is going at the 3.12 in dynasty drafts which is good value. Although he might not be as high as a Davante Adams or Stefon Diggs he is a solid number one for your team. However, you could also take him as your second receiver which would look like a very strong receiver core. If you wanted to trade for Robinson he would cost you a first at least, possibly a first and a flex player on top.

Chris Godwin (Prev. TB)

Chris Godwin had an up and down year after missing a few games with injuries this season. However, it could not of ended up any better picking up a Superbowl ring. As great as his season finished for him personally it wasn’t great for anyone who drafted him last year. Godwin was ranked the number two wide receiver in 2019. This year he finished the number 30. If you drafted him last year then you were hurt big time by him.

Obviously its tough to know exactly where Godwin will end up but he is a very talented receiver. He is currently being taken in the 4th round of most mock drafts and you should be happy with him being your number two. If you want to trade for him then now is the time to go for it. He has had a poorer season this year and you might be able to get him a little bit cheaper. He could easily be the number one receiver on a team and so he will probably bounce back.

Juju Smith-Schuster (Prev. PIT)

Juju Smith-Schuster hasn’t been great over the last couple of years after a breakout in 2018. Back then he was the main guy in Pittsburgh that year but that hasn’t been the case over the last two years. The 2018 stats shows what Smith-Schuster is capable of if he ends up as the number one receiver on a team. He amassed 1,426 yards and seven touchdowns that year but has fallen away as the Steelers have bought in more receivers.

However, if you wanted to draft him now he is being taken around the beginning of the seventh round. If you can bring him into your team as the wide receiver two or even three then he is worth the pick. However, if you want to trade for him chances are you wont want to pay a first for him. The problem is anyone wanting to sell will probably want a first for him so he becomes almost untradeable. Much of Smith-Schuster’s future will depend on where he goes but if he goes to a receiver needy team he is worth a punt.

Kenny Golladay (Prev. DET)

Kenny Golladay is a high end receiver who everyone would want if he hadnt had injury issues. He has only suited up for all 16 games once in his four years in the NFL. However, if he can keep fit he has shown how good he can be and did in the 2019 season. He finished as the wide receiver number three with 1,190 yards and 11 touchdowns. If he can find a team that needs a receiver then he will be a great asset for your team.

If you want to trade for Golladay then he will defiantly cost you a first but if he is fit he will be worth it. If you are drafting then he is roughly going around the back of the 4th round. Drafting Golladay is dependent on how you construct your roster. If you have a wide receiver already then he would be an amazing number two. Taking him as your number one receiver MEANS you have to factor in the health risk.

Will Fuller (Prev. HOU)

Will Fuller has always been a talent but this year he finally got to show it in Houston. With DeAndre Hopkins being traded it meant that Fuller could show how good he really is. He only played in 11 games last year but managed to amass 879 yards and eight touchdowns. Much would depends on which team he lands with for next season but if he has a competent QB he could do well.

Obviously there are big warning signs with Fuller given his injuries and suspension issues. Just last year he missed the last five games due to a suspension. He has not suited up for a full season at all in his five year NFL career which has to be taken into account. However, he is currently going at the 7.08 in dynasty so he would likely be a flex option for your team.

Having a player like Fuller as a flex option would be great for your team. However, you must make sure you have that extra receiver cover in case he cant play the whole season. If you wanted to trade for Fuller you will probably be looking at a 2nd round pick. It might seem a little steep for a player with his problems but when he is playing he will make a difference to your team.


There are plenty more wide receivers that are going to be moving this year and some you need to keep an eye on.

Marvin Jones (Prev. DET)

Marvin Jones had another decent year in Detroit finishing at the number 15 in 2020. Jones has said he wants to go to a Superbowl contender and he is worth looking at. He might be 31 but he will still be worth drafting in dynasty. He is worth a 2nd round pick.

T.Y. Hilton (Prev. IND)

T.Y Hilton had another solid year with the Indianapolis Colts but is likely to go back there. If you think having Carson Wentz is an improvement over Phillip Rivers then he should do better. However, he looks to have dropped off a bit and he wont be around for many more years. You wouldn’t want to spend more than a 3rd round pick on him.

Sammy Watkins (Prev. KC)

Sammy Watkins had one of his worst years in 2020 but could move to another team. Watkins will always struggle to do massively well with the Chiefs due to them having Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce. He might be worth a speculative punt if he goes to a team that doesn’t have a great receiver but don’t pay to much.

A.J. Green (Prev. CIN)

A.J Green will be moving on from the Cincinnati Bengals but you shouldn’t go near him. He didn’t do great this year getting 523 yards and two touchdowns. Also, at the age of 32 his best days are behind him and he will just clog up your bench.

That’s it for our WR edition of our 2020 Offseason Dynasty Free Agents! We are going to be providing you with dynasty content all offseason. So check us out as well as our social media channels. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And, as always, if you want something more specific to your league- reach out!

Image Credit: Mike DiNovo – USA TODAY Sports