2020 Stats Database: A brief review

Our 2020 Stats Database (which you can find in our shop) might seem a bit of an odd product to have, but its value is incredible.

Fantasy football is about predicting the future, based on the information we have on hand. A big part of that information is tendencies from previous seasons. This database has a tab for each season in the NFL, showing how players have historically performed in the games they played.

How it is useful to you

Simply, it allows you to make better decisions about how you can project players going forwards.

There is no doubt that Lamar Jackson is a great talent at the quarterback position, but did you know he rushed the ball 32% of the time in the games he played in? That’s a larger share than New England Patriots running back James White! So going into next season- you essentially have a running back who also passes the ball. In fact using the stat database Jackson would have finished as the RB24 if he hadn’t passed the ball!

Equally, when looking at the tight end position- the is an obvious drop off in player’s usage. George Kittle (29%) led the position in target share led by Travis Kelce (26%), Mark Andrews (26%) and Darren Waller (24%). Those are going to be the most talked-about players at the position this offseason. But using the target share metric (that only takes into account the games that a player has played) Evan Engram (22%) and Hunter Henry (20%) also broke the 20% share mark.

That information means that actually, you can afford to wait in your draft a round or two before you grab a tight end- meaning you are able to load your bench with running backs or wide receivers with more value.

How to use it

Using our 2020 Stats Database in combination with our projections workbook will have you making your own rankings in no time. And that allows you to discover how you truly value a player going into the season.

Don’t draft based on ADP only, put your own spin on players and draft a team that you are happy with! Make sure you don’t have draft board regret!

Still have questions?

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