2020 UKFL: Week 16

Here we are the end of Week 16, ready to announce our 2020 UKFL Winner! This will be a lot shorter than previous weeks, but please read it! I wanted to thank you all for playing this year. It’s been great to have grown in size since last year, with 23 divisions this year. I hope you’ve enjoyed playing, and you’ll come back for next year.

But now, I’ll jump straight to it, but please read on after (it’s shorter this week!)

Our 2020 winner is DanielDan! The final week results are as below:

His Week 16 lineup had a few of the highest-scoring players on the week (unsurprisingly)

The Top Prize

The top prize is tasty. We have a signed helmet from JJ Watt! It comes courtesy of the guys at Kickers Matter. An incredible prize donation, so thank you again!

UKFL 2021 & Donation Page

If you haven’t signed up for next year (or aren’t sure if you have) then make sure you do and keep your place for next year. Remember, you have to signup each year that you want to participate. So head over and signup so you don’t forget! Don’t be that guy that slides into the DMs right at the start of the draft asking if you signed up and misses playing next year.

To date, we have raised £370 (with another £79.00 gift aid) so thank you so much! We’ve also seen some people have made donations to personal charities for them- so that’s great too! Honestly, it’s fantastic that during all this uncertainty that we have managed to raise this much money. It’s truly fantastic and I’m humbled. If you still want to make a donation, then you can do so here.

National Vintage League

Our weekly prize is donated by the guys at National Vintage League. They’ve been with us from the start (infact, I remember pitching the general outline to Chris a while before we had anything fixed).

I truly don’t know how they manage to just reach out to all of these players, but this week they had Jeff Garcia on the show. Check it out below:

Image Credit: Chuck Cook – USA TODAY Sports