2020 UKFL: Week 2

Here we are- Week 2 of the 2020 UKFL is in the book! So let’s take a look at the action. Remember, you can always reach out to us on Twitter if you have any questions about the league.

Week 2 was brutal for a number of teams. Alot of players joined the unfortunate ACL club, while others might’ve been clubbed with an Aaron Jones/ Calvin Ridley combo. Hopefully you got the win this week!

UKFL3: Signups Are Open

Alot of you have signed up for next year, but there are alot of you haven’t.

Remember, you have to signup each year that you want to participate. So head over and signup so you don’t forget!

2020 UKFL Week 2 Highest Score

The highest score this week was in the Steve Redgrave division. User danh99 (basically, it seems like a lock to win the highest scorer if you are called Dan) amassed a score of 260.48. I’m sure you want to see his roster. If you don’t then…. skip over the next bit.

So, he wins the second discount code from National Vintage League. We will be in touch to give you your 15% off code. Thanks again for your continued support.


To date, we have raised £324 (with another £67.50 gift aid) so thank you so much! We’ve also seen some people have made donations to personal charities for them- so that’s great too!

If you want to make a donation, then you can do so here.

Playoff Picture

Once we are a few weeks in, we will also share the teams that are qualifying for the playoffs. But until then, in case you missed it, the playoffs work in the following way;

The playoffs will work in the same way as last year:

  • You need to enter a team into the Sleeper app (the result of that in-app game doesn’t matter)
  • Teams face everyone in the matchup they are put into
  • Highest scores advance from each matchup

So that’s the recap for this week. Hopefully we get some more good action next week on the field.

Image Credit: Jeff Hanisch – USA TODAY Sports