2020 UKFL: Week 7

Here we are- Week 7 of the 2020 UKFL is in the books! Any of you thinking you’d done well with your lineup and then get Lockett’d? No? Just me? Luckily, it wasn’t in the UKFL. But seems like I faced either Adams or Lockett in the majority of my leagues.

Remember, you can always reach out to us on Twitter if you have any questions about the league. As with each week, a few messages from us and the updated playoff picture of the season. Still plenty of time to go if you aren’t in there!

2020 UKFL Week 7 Highest Score

The highest score this week was in the Gordon Banks division. User Giraffe76 amassed a score of 217.08. Obviously, they had Tyler Lockett…..

So, he wins the next discount code from National Vintage League. We will be in touch to give you your 15% off code. Thanks again for your continued support.

The Undefeated Club

We still have a club, but it’s reducing in number. This week we lost matt1408 & RhysMaybeIggy from our undefeated club. So our current undefeated members are:

  • alexharker1 (Gary Lineker)
  • SteveRams (Martin Johnson)
  • 6EPC (Jonny Wilkinson)
  • MattyS (Steve Raynes)
  • mackito (Chris Kamara)

Playoff Picture

The updated playoff picture is below. This might be slightly different from what you are seeing in Sleeper. The reason being that we give a spot for the top scorer, and in some cases, they might be a little further down the table.

If you are unsure, please ask. If your name isn’t below- there is still PLENTY of time to turn things around.

The playoffs will work in the same way as last year:

  • You need to enter a team into the Sleeper app (the result of that in-app game doesn’t matter)
  • Teams face everyone in the matchup they are put into
  • Highest scores advance from each matchup

So that’s the recap for this week. Hopefully we get some more good action next week on the field.

The Top Prize

The top prize is tasty. We have a signed helmet from JJ Watt! It comes courtesy of the guys at Kickers Matter. An incredible prize donation, so thank you again! If you haven’t listened to them, you should- especially if you play dynasty.

National Vintage League

Our weekly prize is donated by the guys at National Vintage League. They’ve been with us from the start (infact, I remember pitching the general outline to Chris a while before we had anything fixed).

They are a great part of the NFL UK community, and are now making a weekly show, getting fan stories from teams and having fun while doing so. You can check out their latest episode below:

You can find them on YouTube here

UKFL3: Signups Are Open

Alot of you have signed up for next year, but there are alot of you haven’t.

Remember, you have to signup each year that you want to participate. So head over and signup so you don’t forget! Don’t be that guy that slides into the DMs right at the start of the draft asking if you signed up and misses playing next year.


To date, we have raised £370 (with another £79.00 gift aid) so thank you so much! We’ve also seen some people have made donations to personal charities for them- so that’s great too!

If you want to make a donation, then you can do so here.

COVID Affected Games

We have made a post about our approach to them for this season. Luckily there haven’t been any postponements that have meant we need to put this in place this year, but in case there are please take a look at the rules!

To make it simple:

  • You can enter replacements as many times as you like (your last valid one for each player will be taken). I.E. If you have 4 players in the game, you can enter a sub for each player
  • The substitution ONLY takes effect if the game is cancelled. If for any other reason your player is out then no substitution will be made.

Image Credit: Joe Nicholson – USA TODAY Sports