UKFL 2020: Day Four

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Day Four of the UKFL 2020 is finished- and there has been a good amount of progress. Again, we are going to have a quick recap of the day and picks so far. Then move onto answer more questions that you’ve had. Then, finally some information about a unique league that you might be interested in playing in.

Remember if you need any information you can likely find it on the UKFL area of the site, or you can message us on Twitter.

UKFL 2020: Draft Progress

Yesterday saw some great progress, with 8 divisions now finished. That being said, if you are in a slower drafting league then don’t despair. At the current rate of picks being made, there will be plenty of time to finish the drafts before the start of the season.

What we have seen is a mix of strategies- which is exactly what we wanted to see! We now have the ADP data from the leagues for the first four rounds and will share that with you now.

However, if you don’t want to click into that then;


  • 18 separate QBs drafted
  • The player(s) most owners were more confident with where Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson (both players had a split of six picks)
  • The player with the highest split is Drew Lock. He had a split that goes to pick 123.

Running Backs

  • 23 separate RBs drafted
  • The player most owners were more confident with was Christian McCaffrey (who fell to the second pick a few times)
  • The player with the highest split is Devin Singletary. He had a split that goes to pick 101.

Wide Receivers

  • 26 separate WRs drafted
  • The player most owners were more confident with was Michael Thomas (who had a split of seven picks)
  • The player with the highest split is Jarvis Landry. He had a split that goes to pick 115.

Tight End

  • 9 separate TEs drafted
  • The player most owners were more confident with was Travis Kelce (although he dropped into the third round in some leagues)
  • The player with the highest split is Tyler Higbee. He had a split that goes to pick 123.

We are going to have more information once all of the drafts are completed. Initially, we will be able to look at the splits of positions, as well as what a typical roster looks like. We are seeing already that we have seen completely different roster build-ups compared to the previous season.

UKFL 2020: Your Questions

We had a question on the use of the IR spots yesterday. Currently, there are open for the ‘normal’ use of these spots as well as for players that are placed on the COVID exemption list.

Season Long DFS

Season Long DFS is a unique league. If you have played (and enjoyed) Daily Fantasy Sports, then this is for you.

The league is essentially a ‘roto’ style league were you submit a lineup each week to try and come out on top by the end of the season. If you want more information on the league then you can find it here.

Have more questions? Then reach out via the contact details on the page.

Season Long DFS King Fantasy Sports

UKFL 2020: Donations Page

The league has been set up for two purposes.

  1. We wanted to connect fans,
  2. Raise money for charity.

This year, the charity we are supporting is Mind. If you haven’t made a donation (and you are able to) please do. We have a Just Giving page set up. However, if there is something that you are passionate about supporting, please do.

So far we have raised £260 which is fantastic- so thank you very much! That’s it for the recap of UKFL 2020 Day Four!

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