Draft Kit 2021

We proudly present our 2021 Fantasy Football Draft Kit. Here at King Fantasy Sports, we are interested in two things:

  • Giving you value for money,
  • and helping you enjoy (which normally means winning) your fantasy league.

New for this year is our draft kit. Packed to the rafters with content that will give you the advantage over your league mates. 

Having our draft kit online, instead of giving you a PDF to download, or producing a physical product we can update throughout the offseason. 

No more waiting. No more thinking but what about that new signing, how does that affect all of this?

We already have content ready for you as soon as you purchase it, with plenty more to come. At a latest everything will be ready to go at the start of June.

The kit is designed to give you the tools you need to be successful, regardless of format. But, if you want some more guidance if you have some really funky scoring, just reach out to us and we will help you out. Or, if you have more questions about the content just ask. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Get your advantage now with the 2021 Fantasy Football Draft Kit.

2021 Fantasy Football Draft Kit 2021 Draft Kit Fantasy Football King Fantasy Sports

Pre-order for just £5.99 (normally £7.49) until the end of May

What is in the 2021 Fantasy Football Draft Kit?

2021 Fantasy Football Draft Kit King Fantasy Sports

Player and Team Profiles

  • Player Profiles

  • Coaching changes effect

  • Rankings

  • Team Projections 

Player Picks

  • Sleepers

  • Busts
  • Breakouts
  • Value Selections

Drafting Aids

  • Tiered Information

  • Print and take cheat sheets

  • Mock Draft Information

  • Make your own projections workbook

......and more

In-depth Rookie Profile Samples

We have some shorter pieces on rookies, but we have also gone into more depth on selected players. 

To give you a preview of what those pieces look like, we have included a sample for one player in each position.

Projections Workbook

Our projections workbook does all of the hard lifting for you, so you can have a go at creating your own projections.

Have a look at the post (it might be from last year, but the format is similar) and the slides that show the layout a bit clearer (as well as some experts Tweet reviews from last year)