2021: QB Rookie Profiles

Welcome into our 2021 QB Rookie Profiles. We’ve looked at the tape, so you don’t have to! This season has had a lot of disruption due to COVID-19. That has meant that there isn’t going to be a combine. So it’s easy to get lost behind the lack of coverage.

We are going to list the QBs alphabetically, covering:

  • Justin Fields (Ohio State)
  • Mac Jones (Alabama)
  • Trey Lance (North Dakota St)
  • Trevor Lawrence (Clemson)
  • Kyle Trask (Florida)
  • Zach Wilson (BYU)

2021 QB Rookie Profiles: Justin Fields (Ohio State) 6’3″ 228lbs


Fields is a great prospect. After transferring from Georgia to Ohio State, he displayed a fantastic skill-set that could bode him well for the NFL. Possessing great pocket presence, able to avoid rushers in the pocket, Fields is confident on the move. Combining his legs with his arm talent and instincts, Fields is a top-tier talent entering the draft.

Fields is an effective option for teams at the top of the draft. Should be able to slot into a starting role from Day 1. Therefore, he should be an effective fantasy option immediately.


Selected- Round 1, Pick 11 Chicago Bears

Fields steps into a Chicago team that had previously announced that Andy Dalton was their starting QB. Currently, I expect Dalton to be given the start for Week 1. I’m expecting to see a transition similar to the one we saw with Miami last season around the bye week.

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2021 QB Rookie Profiles: Mac Jones (Alabama) 6’3″ 214lbs


Jones stepped into the starting role in 2019 after Tua Tagovailoa suffered his season-ending injury. Ultimately leading them to win the championship. Has good ability in the pocket, able to get defenders to move before progressing through his reads. Accurate passer, who makes good decisions, which was shown in his great TD: INT ratio in the 2020 season.

Jones operates in the pocket, and doesn’t threaten too much with his feet. Jones’ fantasy value will be directly tied to the protection that he is able to get. Surrounding him with good protection should mean he has long-term fantasy relevance. However, he might not show that from day 1.


Selected- Round 1, Pick 15 New England Patriots

Jones sat there after the 49ers went for Lance for pick 3. However, after a little bit of a slide it looked like a done deal that the Patriots were going to select him. Interestingly I can’t think of two QBs in the league that are more different (on the same team) than Cam Newton and Jones.

Jones is likely to see limited gametime to start the season, but he has the weapons that a rookie QB typically likes (big-body TEs) as well as a solid defense. Not too much has changed for his outlook with this selection.

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2021 QB Rookie Profiles: Trey Lance (North Dakota St) 6’3″ 221lbs


Let’s get it out of the way early- Lance hasn’t played too much in college. On top of that, similar to Carson Wentz, he didn’t face top-tier competition.

However, he has the physical talent to be effective in the NFL, and has everything that you want in a starting QB. On film, you can see his arm talent, mobility, and his ability to ‘feel’ the pocket. Lance is also able to use his legs if the play starts to break down, or equally happy to check the ball down to complete the play.

Lance is a great prospect. Raw, but has all of the skills that you need to succeed in the NFL. Might not have fantasy relevance in his first season, but as soon as he gets onto the field he should be great for fantasy.


Selected- Round 1, Pick 3 San Francisco 49ers

This landing spot is fantastic for fantasy. Lance has all of the raw talents to be successful in the league, and should be able to showcase his running ability in this scheme too. Lance has really risen in my rookie QB dynasty ranks with this selection.

With all of the rumours surround Jimmy Garoppolo this offseason we could be seeing Lance leading the team out in Week 1.

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2021 QB Rookie Profiles: Trevor Lawrence (Clemson) 6’6″ 220lbs


Lawrence is one of the most NFL-ready QB’s in recent years. Physically gifted, and has everything that he needs to succeed in the next phase of his career. Lawrence has arm talent, presence in the pocket, but crucially football intelligence that enables him to make plays once it has broken down. Lawrence also has sneaky speed, when plays break down he is able to use that speed to make a positive play. Has mental awareness to read defenses.

Lawrence has everything you need an elite QB to have. Will be an immediate starter in the NFL, as should be a fantasy option for years.


Selected- Round 1, Pick 1 Jacksonville Jaguars

No eyebrows raised with this pick, even though I was praying the Jags would go elsewhere to see a sequel to the movie Draft Day. Lawrence steps in to be the starting QB from day 1. With the surrounding talent the team has, and the draft capital they still have, Lawrence should be a good contributor from Day One.

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2021 QB Rookie Profiles: Kyle Trask (Florida) 6’4″ 227lbs


Trask has a good blend of size and power. Makes good decisions, which is evidenced with his great TD: INT ratio each season. Able to move defenders with his eyes, confident in making passes on short to medium routes, while also positioning the ball to give his receiver the chance to make the play. Tough competitor, who fights for extra yards and has the ability to play through injury.

Trask is a longer-term project than many in this list. He can panic at times when being rushed in the pocket, which can lead to sacks and turnovers. Don’t bank on him to turn your fortunes round in a season for fantasy.


Selected- Round 2, Pick 64 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Trask ends up in a perfect spot, learning behind one of the greatest to play the game. Trask is currently the heir apparent for the team’s potent offense. How long he has under Tom Brady is unknown, but a season on the sidelines to learn is perfect for him to iron out some of the issues he had.

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2021 QB Rookie Profiles: Zach Wilson (BYU) 6’3″ 200lbs


Wilson has been a starter for 3 years in college, culminating in his best season. In his final season, he ended with a great passing completion percentage and a great TD: INT ratio. Like the other top-tier talent this draft, Wilson is confident in extending plays with his legs. Ultimately, he is able to pass the ball confidently on the move or use his own ability to run the ball for positive plays.

Wilson has shown improvement after each college season. Might not have a massive arm, but makes up for that with accuracy. His fantasy relevance will be dependent on his landing spot but has the ability to be a good option.


Selected- Round 1, Pick 2 New York Jets

Wilson had been expected to go to the Jets for a while- so no surprise there. However, one thing that was a bit of a surprise was the Jets moving back up to make the #14 selection with Alijah Vera-Tucker. That OL started to look good at the end of the season, with this addition and the free agents the team has managed to bring in, Wilson could be a great fantasy option from Day One.

There could be some bumpy games, but generally Wilson should be a good option for a while.

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That’s it for our QB edition of our 2021 Rookie Profiles! These are going to be updated as news breaks, and just after the NFL draft. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And, as always, if you want something more specific to your league- reach out! Don’t forget to check out our other content in our draft kit!

Image Credit: Rich Barnes – USA TODAY Sports