2021 Week 11 Redzone Risers and Fallers

Welcome into the Week 10 edition of Redzone Risers and Fallers for the 2021 season. This is a brand new series for our site, and uses the redzone touches information that is freely available on our site. The reason for adding this tool, and making it available is its importance in helping you make better decisions when it comes to your roster. This week, and going forwards, we are going to also include fallers who have had decreased usage recently.

The idea is that if a player is starting to be used in the redzone more, then the opportunity to score is increased and you want to add them to your roster. If the opposite happens, you might look to sell that asset.

Now, in this series, we aren’t going to look at big-name players on the whole. That is to say, Christian McCaffrey and Alvin Kamara are expected to be used in and around the redzone. That is unless they start stop being used, in which case they will be included in the fallers.

Week 11 Redzone Risers

David Johnson (RB, HOU) 22% RZ Touches

Johnson has really suffered a fall from grace. Whereas a few seasons ago, he was a contender for the 1.01 pick in redraft, he is now a flex or depth piece. Houston’s offense isn’t the greatest, but Johnson is still the biggest part of it in the redzone.

If you are looking for the negative, or an upside on another player Rex Burkhead (12%) has had a decent chunk of touches too in recent weeks, but each time Johnson has slightly had more.

Jeff Wilson (RB, SF) 9% RZ Touches

Wilson has returned to the fold, after missing all of the action until now on IR. As you might expect, he saw alot of action in the redzone against the Jaguars. The difficulty is- is this going to remain? Or is it going to change? Eli Mitchell has had a great rookie season, and the team also used Deebo Samuel as an RB in this contest. Either way, Wilson is worth picking up to see how it unfolds.

Diontae Johnson (WR, PIT) 13% RZ Touches

The Steelers’ offense woke up, and looked outside of Harris in the redzone. Johnson actually saw a quarter of all of the redzone opportunities last week, which is a massively positive sign, given his usage elsewhere on the field. Johnson has really established himself as the lead receiver in this offense, the only question mark was around being used close to the goaline. With looking set to change, sky is the limit.

Jaylen Waddle (WR, MIA) 11% RZ Touches

Waddle has had a great rookie season so far. Showcasing exactly why the Dolphins were correct to select him in the first round. Waddle saw the most opportunities outside of Myles Gaskin last week, and should continue to be used in that way. The team are becoming more creative with how they have used him too, even using him on a carry!

Pat Freiermuth (TE, PIT) 16% RZ Touches

Every season a TE emerges that pushes forward the question of why didn’t you add/ draft him earlier? This season it seems to be Freiermuth. The rookie snuck under the radar at the TE position due to Kyle Pitts, but any other season would have been the prospect getting coverage. With the way the Steelers use him, he is worth picking up if he is still available.

Week 11 Redzone Fallers

Zack Moss (RB, BUF) 23% RZ Touches

The hope earlier in the season that the team would be moving away from Josh Allen in the redzone and leaning on their RBs seems to have gone. That doesn’t spell a bright future for Moss, who really had fantasy value on his usage near the goal line. It feels like only a matter of time before Moss’s usage dips below 20%. 

Adam Thielen (WR, MIN) 12% RZ Touches

This is the second week in a row that Thielen has been included as a redzone faller, and not alot has changed in that time. Thielen still feels like a risky player to select as a redzone faller, because that is an area that he has historically performed well. But with the emergence of Conklin in the redzone and the importance of Dalvin Cook and Alexander Mattison in rushing the ball, it doesn’t leave alot.

Hunter Henry (TE, NE) 10% RZ Touches

Henry’s fantasy appeal has really been limited to redzone opportunities, after becoming massively TD dependent. The concerning thing is that he has started seeing fewer looks. The defense for the Patriots is looking great, and the running game has allowed the team to move the ball. The combination of Damien Harris and Rhamondre Stevenson rushing the ball effectively limits the opportunities through the air.

So, that’s this weeks edition of Redzone Risers and Fallers for the 2021 season, taking into account the action from Week 11. You can find us on TwitterFacebookInstagram, or jump into our Discord server

Image Credit: Charles LeClaire – USA TODAY Sports