2021 Week 15 Dynasty Buy and Sell

Welcome back to another week of 2021 buy and sell dynasty edition, here we are looking at Week 15 targets. The fantasy playoffs are here and it is time to reassess that roster whether you can make trades at the moment or not.  That won’t stop us from looking at some players that should be on your radar heading into the playoffs and the off-season. Now is a great time to take a deep look into your roster to see what options you have to improve your team going forward. Let’s look at a couple of Buys and Sells I like heading into Week 15 action.

Dynasty Buys

Allen Robinson (WR, CHI)

What a crazy season for A-Rob who has had a nightmare season after signing his franchise tag. Robinson was drafted as a high-end WR 2 and currently has 32 receptions for 353 yards and 1 touchdown. He is currently 70th among receivers in fantasy points per game.

Robinson has always been the poster boy for a receiver with bad quarterback play and overcoming it. This year it has caught up to him in many ways. Robinson had the opportunity to try and force his way out of Chicago but the Bears franchised tagged Robinson and he signed the tenure to stay with the Bears for this season. We can expect both to part ways after this season.

As a dynasty fantasy player, we have to seek out value in the depths of rosters and Robinson is a gem waiting to be dusted off. I would be trying to grab Robinson as soon as possible before free agency and trust whatever team brings him in actually gives him the love and care he needs. Robinson is a Top 20 receiver talent in the league and now is the time to take a risk on adding Allen Robinson to your roster.

Kenny Golladay (WR, NYG)

Talk about damaged goods and we cut to Kenny Golladay the high-priced free agent signing of the Giants in 2021. The speculation coming in for Golladay was already all over the place coming into the season. Some liked Golladay coming into the season. They believed that the Giants would give him an opportunity that we hadn’t seen in Detroit. Those that took the risk and either added Golladay or held on to Golladay in the offseason did not get what they were hoping for in Kenny. He is even worst than the aforementioned Allen Robinson in fantasy points per game currently in 73rd among receivers.

So why the hell am I buying? Great question I could handpick stats and believe me there aren’t many to choose but we could look at the average target distance which is 11th among receivers or his yards per reception which is 20th among receivers. That is not the reason to buy. I am buying Golladay based on his talent and I fully expect the next GM and potentially coach to put him in a position to succeed not only because of his contract but due of the fact he is the most talented receiver on the team.

Whether Daniel Jones is the quarterback or not… let’s hope not. I am buying Golladay because of the value he presents to my team and the upside he possesses. I also believe I can get him for cheap.

Dynasty Sells

Antonio Gibson (RB, WAS)

Gibson truthers were all over the place telling you how good Gibson was and how he was a feature back. Fortunately, I was not one of those people. Gibson was heavily over-drafted in startups and overvalued in dynasty leagues.

Gibson has had only three top 12 running back finishes this season with two of those coming in the last three weeks. Not exactly what you want from a guy some were drafting as a top 5 running back dynasty asset. Another worrying stat for Gibson is his overall efficiency as a runner. He is 5th in carries in the NFL at 16.5 carries per game. Unfortunately fantasy points per opportunity he is 61st among running backs. His true yards per carry (which discounts run over 10+ yards and puts a premium on consistency) is 3.9 p/c and is currently 48th among running backs. Not convinced that Gibson is not the second coming of Jonathon Taylor.

That’s okay… let’s take a look at Football Outsiders and where Gibson ranked among running backs using DVOA and DYAR. First, the simple explanation as described on Football Outsiders website DYAR means a running back with a more total value. DVOA means a running back with more value per play. I was shocked when I looked where Gibson ranked. Antonio Gibson using DYAR ranked 35th out of 42 running backs that have 100 rushes or more. Using DVOA Gibson is also ranked 35th out of 42 running backs. To put in perspective Gibson’s DVOA is -9.7% the 1st place running back is Jonathan Taylor at 30.3%.

In other words, not good Bob! The bounceback Gibson is seeing at the end of the season gives you a perfect opportunity to jump ship as soon as possible and still seek out value from the Gibson truthers that will surely tell us how good he is this offseason and the remaining weeks of the season.

Thank You for taking the time to read my Dynasty Buy and Sells. Let me know the players you are targeting and or selling this week on Twitter my handle is @cmoney52. DM’s are always open to help and discuss all things Fantasy and Gambling. Have a good week.

So that’s it for the 2021 season week 15 edition of dynasty buy and sell. Remember, you can find all of our dynasty articles here, and all of our work is posted across our social media channels. We are on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Image Credit: Mike DiNovo – USA TODAY Sports