2021 Week 2 Redzone Risers and Fallers

Welcome into the Week 2 edition of Redzone Risers and Fallers for the 2021 season. This is a brand new article for our site, and uses the redzone touches information that is freely available on our site. The reason for adding this tool, and making it available is its importance in helping you make better decisions when it comes to your roster. This week, and going forwards, we are going to also include fallers who have had decreased usage recently.

The idea is that if a player is starting to be used in the redzone more, then the opportunity to score is increased and you want to add them to your roster. If the opposite happens, you might look to sell that asset.

Now, in this series, we aren’t going to look at big-name players on the whole. That is to say, Christian McCaffrey and Alvin Kamara are expected to be used in and around the redzone.

Week 2 Redzone Risers

Damien Harris (RB, NE) 43% RZ Touches

Harris has emerged as the Patriots running back, and more importantly for fantasy, he is getting the touches in the red zone. Last season, that guy was Cam Newton, which hurt Harris’ value for fantasy. At the moment Harris is worth holding (or bringing in for the right value) given the upside he has in the redzone.

A good time to try and pick him up, assuming the usage stays the same, would be after Week 4 against Tampa Bay.

Michael Carter (RB, NYJ) 43% RZ Touches

The Jets offense isn’t the most potent, but when they have made it to the redzone, Carter has been the guy to get the usage. It doesn’t come (at the moment) with alot of upside, but if you are looking involved in the committee in New York, Carter is the guy to try and obtain.

Get in during Week 3 with a tough matchup against Denver seems like a good time to try and buy low before his schedule opens up a little.

A.J. Green (WR, ARI) 18% RZ Touches

Green popped up with a TD last week, as well as being given more opportunities in the redzone. Green was given 3 targets during Week 2 which pushes Green to 18% of touches on the season. On a high-powered offense grabbing any part of it is worth it.

Green might be a frustrating own, considering his production so far, but given the usage in the redzone he could be worth picking up (for what is likely free). NOTE: I’m not saying drop a viable player, but if you drafted a player that is just not panning out, or in a deep league, Green is worth a shot.

Week 2 Redzone Fallers

Mike Davis (RB, ATL) 29% RZ Touches

Davis was a popular draft target this offseason, after a successful time with Carolina last season. However, is seems as though he isn’t stepping into the workload that was expected. Instead, he is splitting the duties with Cordarrelle Patterson. With the Falcons looking a little lost on offense, and having a bad defense that is hurting Davis’ upside- especially in the Redzone.

It’s not time to panic, but if he has a good week it might be worth moving on from him.

Chase Edmonds (RB, ARI) 14% RZ Touches

Edmonds is the lead back for the team, but he hasn’t been the player that has been given the touches in the redzone. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should move on from him, but it does mean his upside is capped currently.

Robert Woods (WR, LAR) 14% RZ Touches

Woods has fallen behind Cooper Kupp as the lead receiver, as their siutation becomes less of a 1A/ 1B share. That usage extends to the redzone, where Woods has only had 14% of the touches. Kupp has had 23% for comparison, Woods might have some value still but it is even more limited than it was before.

So, that’s this weeks edition of  Redzone Risers and Fallers for the 2021 season, taking into account the action from Week 2. You can find us on TwitterFacebookInstagram, or jump into our Discord server

Image Credit: Vincent Carchietta – USA TODAY Sports