2021 Week 3 Dynasty Buy and Sell

Welcome back to another week of 2021 buy and sell dynasty edition, here we are looking at Week 3 targets. This is a bit harder than it looks as I will try and garner you some valuable assets every week and look at some other assets you can move on from. Perceived value and actual value to both you and the consumer are very important factors and I understand not every trade is doable in all leagues. With that being said let’s look at some players I am trying to grab and some I am trying to move on from. 

Dynasty Buys

Odell Beckham Jr. (WR, CLE)

Odell Beckham will be returning soon by all reports. Jarvis Landry has been put onto IR this week, and the rest of the Cleveland WR room is inexperienced. Odell at the age of 28 years young will step into a situation where he would be in a position to dominate target share at the position on the Browns.

The Browns receivers only mustered 7 targets in their win against the Texans. But don’t let that deter you from adding Beckham now. His past is well documented and when he was healthy last season was getting 7 targets a game on average by himself, with Landry also healthy. His value while it gets a bump with Landry out still is not back to the point it was two seasons ago.

I believe you could get Beckham for a future Mid to Late 2nd rd pick and would have no problem doing that deal today. I expect the Browns to contend for the AFC this year and he could play a big part in that. As for the future the Browns could move on from Beckham in the offseason but I still believe OBJ has several productive years ahead of him. 

Darnell Mooney (WR, CHI)

It might cost you a bit more than Beckham because of the buzz Mooney received in the off-season but I am buying now before it is too late. Depending on where you are with your team Mooney has the potential to be a WR1 going forward into 2022. Mooney last game played the most snaps (59) ran the most routes (29) and received the most targets (8).

Sure you can’t throw all your Dynasty hopes into a basket after one game so let’s look at the situation. Allen Robinson is the only other viable pass-catching option on this offense at the moment and is currently playing on the Franchise tag. Mooney has all the opportunity you could want in an asset. All of this during an uncertain time at QB for the Bears. We saw a glimpse of Fields last week, and while it was up and down, we can all conclude that once Fields fully takes over and he will that this offense gets a whole lot scarier.

The opportunities for Mooney to step into a nice situation with a QB that has a high ceiling and a team that could lean on Mooney to take that next step into stardom instead of paying the very expensive yet talented Robinson. I would consider trading an early 2nd for Mooney and even a sweetener if that doesn’t do the job. 

Michael Carter (RB, NYJ)

Everyone was all in on Najee Harris and Javonte Williams this offseason. Leaving rookie Michael Carter as a bit of a forgotten man. If you drafted Carter hold on to him. If you missed out this could be the time to pounce. Carter is getting more and more work and Tevin Coleman took a step back in actual playing time this week to Carter and Ty Johnson. While the Jets situation doesn’t look promising at the moment they are trying to build from the ground up in New York. They took Carter in the 4th round and the more playing time he gets the better he looks. Robert Saleh went as far as to say that Carter looked “Electric” in Week 2 against the Patriots.

Editors note: Michael Carter was actually included in our Week 2 Redzone Risers too, using our Redzone Tool

I am not sure after watching him if he is indeed “Electric”. But I am happy to find a way to get him on my roster. Carter looks like a solid running back. I don’t believe he will ever be a top 10 guy, but as an RB2 I believe he has that upside. Take a look at some of his work this weekend.

Gauging the actual price you will have to pay to get Carter on your roster is the tough part. Carter is currently ranked 185th in Dynasty according to Fantasy Pros

I do not see the Carter owner giving him away at that price but maybe one of my upcoming sells might interest them a guy like Henry Ruggs and an aging piece or maybe even a late-round rookie pick. Either way, I think he is worth a shot. 

Dynasty Sells

Henry Ruggs (WR, LV)

The almost forgotten man is back on the scene. If you got stuck with Ruggs on your roster last year, now is the time to sell. That is what happened to me as no one wanted him at the end of last year. Well, you are in luck because my guess is you didn’t play him in Week 1 and unless desperate he was probably on your bench for last week’s 5 receptions for 113 yards. If you did play him congrats, but now it is time to jump off the wagon.

Nelson Agholor has moved on and so has John Brown. The obvious thought is now he progresses even more into the role of a dependable wideout. I am not convinced that long-term Ruggs can even be a DeSean Jackson type. With wide receivers, I like to be able to consistently rely on them from week to week.

Will Ruggs have some great games? Sure he will probably have 2 or 3 a year. The rest will look like Week 1- 2 receptions for 46 yards and maybe worse. I like the other weapons on this team more than Ruggs as well. Darren Waller and less obvious Bryan Edwards. Sell Ruggs while you can. Get yourself a player you hope to develop or that you can rely on more consistently. 

Keenan Allen (WR, LAC)

As much as it hurts me to write this I am trying to sell Keenan Allen in Dynasty. It will not be fun as he is a great player to have on your teams but this offense is not what it used to be with Phillip Rivers at the helm. It does not just simply go through Allen and Ekeler anymore. Herbert has brought a whole new dynamic to this offense that no longer relies on those players fully.

Mike Williams has burst onto the scene finally, in his contract year, and looks every bit as valuable as Allen is at the moment. I realize I am selling at a high point. That is intentional because I believe you can get some nice value for Allen at this moment. Especially coming off a game where the stats look nice but on film was okay. Allen’s stats were buoyed by this play which was nice. But it was massively helped by the mistake on Diggs of the Cowboys.

Can you get Cee Dee Lamb, Calvin Ridley, DK Metcalf? For Allen right now no idea, I am not in your league. But it may be worth fielding some options and seeing what you can get for Keenan Allen in your league if you can afford to do it. 

Jalen Hurts (QB, PHI)

Another sell high opportunity, well sort of. Hurts value in the dynasty community feels a bit like a roller coaster. One minute he is up the next down. However the last couple of weeks he has been stable and many are talking about Hurts’ potential Top 10 option at QB going forward. Most of Hurt’s value comes from his legs and the Eagles relented last week and let him run more than usual which helped Fantasy owners get a touchdown on a 1 yd run.

He buoyed his interesting passing day with 82 yards rushing. If you watched just Week 1 you would be calling me crazy. You still might. But after playing a San Francisco defense in Week 2 that was banged up especially in the secondary Hurts was only able to manage 12/23 and 191 yards with 91 of those yards coming on one throw. It was a beautiful throw. But it was also his 8th completion of the game with 7 minutes remaining in the 2nd quarter. Hurts would go on to complete just 4 more passes the rest of the game.

Enough about now because if you own Hurts you are starting him. If you are lucky enough to have other options at QB I strongly suggest you sell on Hurts if not now by the end of the season. My main concern is not even Eagles fans are sure about Hurts. The Fantasy community is split on Hurts and his fanbase and Team execs seem halfway in with Hurts. If the team that employs him is one foot in one foot out why are we all in as Fantasy owners? The Eagles traded for Gardner Minshew this season and I do not think the Eagles will go to him this year but if things turn for the worse it is in the realm of possibilities. If you can land a 1st round pick and a nice receiver and/or running back to your Dynasty roster. I’d do that move yesterday.

Thank You for taking the time to read my Dynasty Buy and Sells. Let me know the players you are targeting and or selling this week on Twitter my handle is @cmoney52. DM’s are always open to help and discuss all things Fantasy and Gambling. Have a good week.

So that’s it for the 2021 season week 3 edition of dynasty buy and sell. Remember, you can find all of our dynasty articles here, and all of our work is posted across our social media channels. We are on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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