2021 Week 7 Dynasty Buy and Sell

Welcome back to another week of 2021 buy and sell dynasty edition, here we are looking at Week 7 targets. Everyone thought Week 6 was bad when making roster decisions with injuries. Well the injuries haven’t gone away. Now we have the Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys, Jacksonville Jaguars, Minnesota Vikings, Pittsburgh Steelers, Los Angeles Chargers on bye. Good thing we play Dynasty and have very deep rosters that can handle all of this turmoil. Well if you aren’t well-prepared let’s look at a few guys you could target going forward and some guys we could move on from in Week 7.

Dynasty Buys

Darrell Henderson (RB, LAR)

Henderson got a bad rap last year eventually losing out to Cam Akers due to injury. And while the Cam Akers truthers were out in full effect this off-season there isn’t anything Akers did that was miles above what Henderson could do. Henderson was thrust into the primary role with few challengers this season and has really done well. Henderson is currently 10th in ppg with 18.2 points in PPR leagues and 13th overall. Putting him right on the cusp of an RB1 this season. Coming into the season I believed that Henderson could put up a mid RB2 season and so far he has been beyond my expectations. Henderson has been very productive this season with 372 yds and 4 touchdowns. He also has shown the ability to catch the ball and run routes effectively.

Going forward I do believe Henderson will have even bigger games than he already has produced. The games ahead on the Rams schedule look amazing for a running back already in the RB1 range. Henderson will see the likes of Lions, Texans, Titans, Packers, and Jags just to name a few in the coming weeks.

As for the future, we do not know how Akers will come back from his injury. We have no precedent to refer to on how he will do when he does come back. Henderson even in 2020 was the starter over Akers until he himself got injured. It will be hard to see Akers usurping Henderson if he continues to have a great season and the Rams get as far as we all predicted in the postseason. I would be open to trading the likes of James Robinson or a couple of 2nd round picks for Henderson. If that is not enough I would even let go of a late 1st round pick if I am a contender.

Hunter Henry(TE, NE)

Henry is starting to trend up as the Patriots offense continues to grow this season. We all knew the training wheels would be on this offense coming in with Mac Jones at the helm. We also knew that Josh McDaniels and Bill Belichek like having a tight end that they can use in important situations. This offense when it has been good in the past has always had that player whether it was Daniel Graham, Ben Watson, or Rob Gronkowski. As for Henry he is on pace to have the most receptions he has ever had as a pro.

He is playing over 70% of snaps for the Patriots and compared to Jonnu Smith who is in the high 50’s you will take that delineation every day of the week. Hunter Henry’s dominator rating is currently #2 out of all tight ends. He receives a lot of the passing work in this offense as it is currently created. The perception of the Patriots offense gives us a window of opportunity here even though Henry has scored in three straight games. I would look to trade a middling RB like Miles Sanders or Myles Gaskin for Henry at the moment. Either way, if you can find a way to get him on your roster I believe with his contract and role in this offense he will continue to be an asset the rest of this year and beyond.

Dynasty Sells

Courtland Sutton (WR, DEN)

Sutton scares me a ton as a dynasty owner as this Broncos offense is not settled at all yet. He has put up some nice numbers this year mostly without Jerry Jeudy on the other side of the field. Sutton has seen double-digit targets three times already this season and that can be expected to fall once Jeudy returns. On top of that, the quarterback position in Denver is not the greatest you could ask for. I expect Denver to be in the quarterback market once again next off-season.

While things could ultimately get better for this offense as a whole next season I am looking at cashing my chips now for someone contending looking for what they think is a WR2 that could look more like a WR3 by the time we get to the end of the season. No matter if you are high on Sutton I think the time is now to strike a deal and get back a 1st rd pick if you can. Either way, I am happy moving on from Sutton and while he is playing well now the schedule only gets harder for the Broncos moving forward and that value will slowly go away as the receiver target share begins to dwindle.

Chase Edmonds (RB, ARI)

Edmonds is currently your RB17 in PPR leagues and with zero touchdowns he has done a great job this year running the ball at 6 yards per carry and his efficiency has been high this season. He ranks highly in player profiler efficiency stats including 4th in true yards per carry (True YPC adjusts YPC by discounting runs longer than 10 yards by factoring out the impact of long runs the metric rewards RB consistency) in the NFL.

Edmonds is taking advantage of his opportunities currently and the Cardinals rank 2nd in-game script. So what is the problem? The problem is while he has been efficient he only has one goal-line carry this season and like I said earlier 0 touchdowns. He ranks 24th in the NFL in yards created which is a metric that tells us what the back is able to create above and beyond what is blocked.

I do not believe Edmonds is a special talent and he fits into that PPR back that is more flash than sizzle. While his efficiency and usage for his size and ability should be praised here in Week 7 of the NFL season I would be looking to try and upgrade or get some value for Edmonds. The nice thing about Edmonds is he is currently on a 6-0 team and has a flashy play every week to show your fellow league owners to get them excited.

While I think his usage stays relatively the same it is hard to trust his efficiency going forward. Not to mention the fact that Edmonds is an unrestricted free agent as well. We have seen these types of players fizzle out in their 2nd contracts all the time. If I can get some decent value for Edmonds I am moving on especially if I can get the RB2 price value.

Thank You for taking the time to read my Dynasty Buy and Sells. Let me know the players you are targeting and or selling this week on Twitter my handle is @cmoney52. DM’s are always open to help and discuss all things Fantasy and Gambling. Have a good week.

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