2022 Fantasy Football Auction Draft Tool

Make 2022 the first year that you take part in an auction draft for your fantasy football league, and bring our tool along for the ride! Auction drafts come down to preparation before (finding/ making reliable projections) and then staying ontop of everything during the draft.

This workbook allows you to do both!

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Choose Your Option

At the moment, we only have a functioning sheet in Excel. The Sheets version is in the works, but it isn’t ready yet.

Sheets version in development- check back

How to use the sheet

League Settings Tab

Enter scoring details, as well as the league details around budget, min bid for the league etc.

Once those have been determined the estimation budgets are set. You are welcome to change them on the Estimated Values tab.

Draft Tab

This area is where you are going to spend the majority of the time. The navigation is as you would expect. There are a few things to bear in mind:

Table at Top of Screen

This table will work out a rough estimation of the number of each position that are likely to be taken, based on your league settings.

It will also give you a target of how many of each position you should be aiming to get.

One useful thing to look at is the Aggressiveness and Above/ Below Market indicators. What that will do is help you understand if your league members are spending up big or small against what is expected (based on the Estimated Values)

Long Table

The bulk of the sheet is just information on the draft. Simply add the owner in Col. C and the Price that was paid in Col. D.

The sheet then calculates on the fly.

Roster Summary

This tab gives you an overview of the draft and how managers have been filling out their roster.

It will also show a max bid that they are able to make based on what has been entered in the league settings.