2022 Fantasy Football Best Ball Tracking Tool

If you are playing best ball, then you know this version of fantasy football can get out of hand quickly tracking everything- well it’s 2022, don’t worry there is a tool to help you!

After Sleeper launched Best Ball (we don’t have alot of options in the UK) I was in alot of best ball leagues. Trying to understand the exposures that I had to players and teams was tough to manage. So I set about creating a tool to help me keep track of everything.

Choose Your Option

The file that will download is a zip file. The only item in it is a Macro-enabled Excel file. At the moment, my website can’t allow .xlsm files to be uploaded- apologies

Sheets version in development- check back

How to use the Tool

When you open the file for the first time you’ll only see one tab. That is the home tab, that will pull information from all of the drafts that you are going to create. This tab has no other purpose other than to showcase information.

New Draft Macro

The New Draft macro brings up a window asking for you to name your draft. This will need to be unique to that draft. As a result I’d typically try to put the date in the entry.

Run Player Exposure

This macro is designed to scour the tabs of the drafts that you have entered. It will pull the players that you have selected and show the number of times they have been drafted etc.

Refresh Players

This macro is to pull new players from Sleeper. You really don’t need to use it unless a player comes out of retirement. Otherwise the list is long enough to deal with most drafts.

If that’s the case just reach out to us on social media you can find us on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram. And remember to check out the rest of the draft kit!