2022 Scott Fish Bowl Scoring

It’s that time of year again- time for the 2022 Scott Fish Bowl. If you have your invite, congratulations. Get involved in as many ways as you can. Buy a t-shirt, do some mock drafts- most of all have fun!

Using the scoring that has been widely shared, I put together a sheet that allows some customisation;

  • Scoring (incase I got it wrong)
  • Historical season stats from the last 3 years
  • Weighting applied to different years (heavily weighted to previous year)
  • Basic VBD based upon previous roster settings (can be changed to fit the confirmed rosters)

You can access the sheet (and make a copy to your Google Drive) here.

If you find this sheet useful, please consider making a donation to charity. Any cause, for any amount.

If you are stuck for a cause, then there is a charity that’s local to me that I would love for you to donate to. You can do so via this link. The charity work with families that are struggling for the basics in life, and need some help.

Addition of Kickers

Kickers were added last year, and are back this year with a bit of a change in the scoring for them. In the sheet you can get from the above I’ve got scoring for them. Essentially you are given a sliding scale on field goals, based on how long the kick is. Using kickers as a flex is an interesting thought, and I’m digging into the suitability of flexing a kicker this week

About the Scott Fish Bowl

The Scott Fish Bowl has been around since 2014, and it has grown from running with just 96 teams to having nearly 9,500 signups this year.

It’s an incredible event that brings together fantasy football fans and analysts together into a huge competition, with roster and scoring settings that keep it interesting for everyone. Last year I found myself searching for some help on Scott Fish Bowl Scoring, and struggled to find something. So I thought I would make it!

The league raises a huge amount of money for various charities, the largest being Fantasy Cares. The below Tweet shows the results!