ABCs of IDP Part 3 of 5 #FantasyFootball7s

Here are Part 3 of The ABCs of IDP. If you missed them previously:

In the third installment of #FantasyFootball7s we will review position comparison with 2020 stats. We will compare RB, WR, TE vs DL, LB, DB in the new standard. It might surprise you that IDPs could finish better than household offensive fantasy names. First, we should establish the points system for offensive players.

#FantasyFootball7s offensive scoring will go as follows:

Passing Yards1 per 25 yards
Interception -2
Every time sacked-1
300-399 Passing Yards Bonus4
400+ Passing Yards5
40+ Passing Yard TD3
50+ Passing Yard TD4
Rushing Yard1 per 10
100-199 Rushing Yard Bonus3
200+ Rushing Yard Bonus4
Receiving Yards1 per 10
Reception.5 per
100 – 199 Receiving Yard Bonus3
200+ Receiving Yard Bonus4
Kick Return Yards1 per 15
TD Rushing or Receiving 6
TD Return or Fumble Recover6
2 Point Conversion2
Fumble -2
Fumble Lost-3

Positional Leaders

Running Backs

Alvin Kamara NO 366.23

Derrick Henry TEN 365.60

Dalvin Cook MIN 344.80

Wide Receivers

Davante Adams GB 328.90

Tyreek Hill KC 321.40

Stefon Diggs BUF 295.10

Tight End

Travis Kelce KC 275.26

Darren Waller LV 239.10

Logan Thomas WAS 154.62

It is understood that the top 3 of any position, of any year, is an elite group of individuals. To put the beauty of #FantasyFootball7s point comparison in perspective let’s compare the 1st, 11th, & 22nd point totals at different positions.

RB 1 A. Kamara NO 366.23LB 1 D. White TB 343.75
RB 11 E. Elliott DAL 194.70LB 11 E. Wilson MIN 245.75
RB 22 T. Pollard DAL 167.87LB 22 Z. Smith GB 230.40
WR 1 D. Adams GB 328.90DB 1 B. Baker ARI 242.30
WR 11 A. Robinson CHI 225.90DB 11 V. Bell CIN 191.75
WR 22 W. Fuller MIA 197.33DB 22 A. Amos GB 185.90
TE 1 T. Kelce KC 275.26DL 1 A. Donald LAR 232.60
TE 11 D. Schultz DAL 120.00DL 11 T. Hendrickson CIN 192.35
TE 22 D. Arnold ARI 86.30DL 22 A. Smith FA 154.85

For the most part, all positions have relative wealth to each other. The TE position is one of the weakest in football (even in TE premium leagues) and point production drops fast. It is also clear to see that LBs dominate the point system. The reason for this is there are either 3 or 4 starting LBs on every team, and they are usually in the middle of all activity. Most NFL defensive schemes are set up for and revolve around the LB position. 

#FantasyFootball7s scoring format has closed the gap on DL and DB point output, a frequent complaint in the IDP world. It will also allow for great flex options based on match ups in all 3 IDP positions, and that goes double for the double down.

Some positions are deeper than others, hence why you don’t see the drop off for WRs that you see in RBs and TEs. The fact that Aldon Smith FA DL 22 has as much roster wealth as a WR 20-30 is impressive as Aldon Smith was rarely in active rosters and barely known outside of Dallas. It is also interesting that Green Bay Pro Bowler Z. Smith, who relies heavily on sacks for points, out produced RB E. Elliott who was a top ten drafted Running Back.

Another interesting fact for LBs is that White, Wilson, Smith are LBs with different skill sets. 

LB Skill Sets

D. White TB is a true stud that can do whatever is asked of him depending on the opponent that week. His best attribute is his motor, he had 6 (YES 6!!) games with over 10 tackles. That is almost half the fantasy football season that he is on the field running 110%, sideline to sideline making 10+ tackles. 

E. Wilson MIN was not even supposed to see the field, but stepped in due to injury. He is a great coverage LB that can stuff the B and C gaps on run plays. He also was able to make big plays throughout the season, earning 3 sacks, 2 fumble recoveries, and 3 interceptions. 

Z. Smith GB is a sack specialist who got most of his points from generating pressure. 109.15 of his 230.40 points came from Sacks, QB Hits, Sack yards, and 2+ sack bonus games (1). 

This just reiterates that the #FantasyFootball7s point format is accommodating for all IDP skill sets, they are just as valuable as their offensive counterparts, and the proof is in the pudding… pudding being points. 

Another beauty of the #FantasyFootball7s point system beyond the balance is that you can have one player (offensive, IDP, D/ST, or K) on Monday Night against an opponent who is tapped out, be down by up to 15 points and legitimately have a chance to win. It is that you can be matched up with almost equal value and potential for points, no matter what the positions may be. Most importantly it allows for the potential of points on every single play, of every single game from Thursday through Monday.

In the next installment of the ABCs of IDP, a break down of the advantages of playing in a 16 team league, of playing with IDP, and a sneak peak into the end all be all of IDP Charity leagues, a 64 team, mystery themed, King of Kings Fantasy Football tournament. Until next time…

Cheers everyone, be merry and play IDP fantasy football!!! #wherestheD #fantasyfootball7s #IDP

Image Credit: Kim Klement – USA TODAY Sports