ABCs of IDP Part 4 #FantasyFootball7s

In Part 4 of the ABCs of IDP we discuss the advantages of playing in #FantasyFootball7s as it pertains to your other leagues, including your league of record. One emphasis throughout the ABCs of IDP is once you incorporate IDP in your league, you will view football with a wider lens. This will translate to better performances in other leagues, daily fantasy, and for betting (if you happen to be a betting person). 


Simply by joining #FantasyFootball7s you will be playing in a larger league format. 16 team leagues will naturally thin out players on the waiver wire. Forcing you to manage your team with heightened awareness. There is a necessity to look at weekly match ups, how you can double down with #IDPs against bad offenses, strategize to survive the league’s deepest bye week, and of course surviving the injury bug as it comes your way. 

Doing this in a 16 team league and applying the moves to a smaller league format will advance your team so much. It is difficult to not make the playoffs in smaller league formats because your experience in a 16 team format, more specifically #FantasyFootball7s is much more dynamic than your standard leagues.

Your knowledge of football will dramatically improve by playing with #IDPs as well. You will understand situational football, the chess match between coordinators with unequal pieces. It can help for fantasy, especially Daily Fantasy. Understanding a defensive coordinators scheme is rarely even thought of in fantasy sports. Once you are playing with #IDPs and begin to place focus on defensive schemes and defensive athletes, you will notice the strengths and weaknesses of defenses. Which in turn will allow for wiser roster selection, particularly value selection.

Defensive Backs

For example, DB Jaire Alexander GB is a shutdown corner and will receive a small percentage of throws attempted his way. In doing so it will open opportunities for DB Kevin King GB, or whoever the other DBs are in passing situations. Kevin King is a great DB on his own, and you could use these opportunistic weeks to your advantage by knowing when to drop, play, and pick up players depending on the opponent. 

It also translates to buying lower value WR/TE against certain defenses for Daily Fantasy. Knowing when to trade off certain offensive players for anticipation of bad weeks and being aware on the waiver wire for both offensive and defensive flex options. If a DB, specifically a Cornerback (CB) has a high tackle total, it likely indicates he is being targeted by several opposing offenses. This is an indicator for possible volume value WRs too.

Defensive Line and Linebackers

The same is true for the running game. If you notice an #IDP (DL or LB) has a high tackle total and they are constantly seeing running attempts, it is an indication that they are allowing a high yard per attempt. Once again good for #IDP but also knowing that the starting RB should have a good game. Also potential waiver scoops or flex starts for a Running Back by Committee (RBC). In today’s NFL that could mean a great rushing day for the QB as well. Playing and paying attention in #FantasyFootball7s will allow you to see these trends and take advantage of them in your league or DFS.

Betting Better

Playing in #FantasyFootball7s will also allow for smarter placed bets. Once you play with #IDP the ‘GridIron’ can be seen as it truly is. A live chess board with moving pieces to an ultimate goal of reaching the other side. Just like chess there are a set number of players, there are perimeters, there are rules designating the mobile ability of players, there is a competition of several moving pieces, there is competition between minds, there is a reward for reaching the opposing end, and like chess there is usually a winner and a loser… but occasionally a tie.

Once you play with #IDP and begin to notice patterns and thought processes of coordinators and coaches you will have an advantage over your casual fan/bettor. You will know that certain teams and certain players have their pattern, their preferences, and their tendencies. 

More specifically most Sportsbooks out there are just now beginning to place tackle prop bets. If you are playing in #FantasyFootball7s you will know the weekly rank and performance of 96 active #IDPs every week! Not to mention the 100+ other IDPs playing but not on active roster. You will remember when they put up great games against you and others, and when they perform well for you. You will already be keen on the stats and be able to look back at their past weeks, know the opponents strengths and weaknesses, and apply it to a more proper bet. #IDP tackle prop bets were one of my most routinely successful betting angles, and my pal and I have great fun looking at #IDP player props.


Taking it to the kicker realm, it was another one of my successful angles in the betting world. My pal discussed these at length and even with opposing views on Over/Under we often went with Kicker props. In #FantasyFootball7s there will be 16 starting kickers weekly. It will lead to better knowledge and more informed betting whether you draft a stud, or do the streaming method. You will pay more attention to indoor/outdoor games, the weather, have the knowledge of offense TD rate, plus know the strengths and weaknesses of opposing defenses. 

The large amount of stats available to you in #FantasyFootball7s is such a reward in itself. Need stats for a player prop? Go to the league. You can look at offensive, defensive, and special teams statistics all in one spot. Tackles, team yardage allowed, receptions per game, receptions allowed per game, rushing TDs at home/away games, touchdown passes per game, return yardage, extra point conversion rate, success rate of field goals over 50 yards, sacks, qb hits, pass defended….  It is all there for you in one convenient location. I do this for football and basketball bets and it is such a time saver/stress reducer compared to hockey, rugby, or golf bets which require jumping from one website to another to compare and get accurate stats.

#FantasyFootball7s Format

To summarize, playing in the #FantasyFootball7s format will improve your fantasy experience by playing with volume. Undertaking of competing against such a large field with less players available. It improves your knowledge of football which beyond making for a better watching experience improves your odds in DFS, and other leagues which you play. It also will lead to much more informed betting which in turn leads to improved winnings.

I realize most people have not played with #IDP or in larger leagues. I also realize it is a real pain setting up a league. A pain convincing your commish and league mates there needs to be a switch made. Or adopting a team in a league with several people you don’t know. 

Charity League

To help introduce #FantasyFootball7s to the fantasy community. Introducing people to #IDP, larger leagues, and reaching the full potential of the Fantasy Football experience, King Fantasy Sports and Iggy’s Fantasy and Betting will be putting together a charity league. A 64 TEAM, ‘KING/QUEEN OF THE RING’, CHARITY TOURNAMENT!!! It will be a Charity league, with 100% of proceeds raised going towards research in combating Kawasaki Disease. 

The disease mostly affects young children/infants. It affected my family and almost took my daughter’s life. There was a large spike in cases in 2020 with some suggestions it could have been due to COVID. I feel obligated to do my part in informing everyone and supporting research. As I did not know this disease even existed prior to my daughter obtaining it. 

The last article will highlight Kawasaki Disease and the experience my family had with it. As well as explaining the details of THE 64 TEAM KAWASAKI CHARITY TOURNAMENT that is #FantasyFootball7s. The theme will be revealed as well as a  planned out scheduling for a 16 team league. Until next time….

Cheers everyone, be merry and play IDP fantasy football!!! #wherestheD #fantasyfootball7s #IDP

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