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About King Fantasy Sports (And Our UK Draft Boards)

King Fantasy Sports started with one idea – make draft boards available in the UK. Since then we have grown- offering advice on several versions of fantasy football.

The NFL is growing in the UK, becoming one of the fastest growing sports in the country. As a result, more and more people are finding the game of Fantasy Football. That’s why we set up the UKFL (UK Fantasy League) so you can take part in a good fantasy football league. Finding a good league can be a struggle if your friends aren’t particularly into the sport.

Draft Boards

If you already have a league, then you should definitely consider making the draft an event with getting together for a live draft!

Getting a draft board and stickers really makes an event of the draft and made it so much more fun.  The struggle can be finding a product that didn’t have high shipping costs to the UK. That’s why for the 2019 season, we have created our boards with the aim of giving users a great kit, and no longer wasting money on high shipping costs. (We actually offer free shipping to the UK!)

We want to help you enjoy fantasy football, and have developed fantasy board kits with a range of tools and aids coming soon to help you dominate your draft. Have a look at the shop, and if you have any questions on how to use any of the tools let us know on any of our social channels. We always happy to help!  

Best of luck for your draft and season! 

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