Work with us!

Enjoy reading about fantasy football and thought- I’d like to give that a go? Well, we are always open for applications from people!

About King Fantasy Sports

We aim to help people understand the why behind the advice we give. Giving relevant, actionable advice.

We want to make the experience of playing fantasy football a good one. Giving an area for anyone, new or old to the game. That’s why we are looking for passionate people that want to help others.

You don’t need any experience to write with us- just a willingness to learn. We’ve loved being part of people’s journey, with a number of writers having worked for us before moving onto paying gigs with the likes of Fantrax, Fantasy Data, Fantasy Pros, Dynasty Nerds amongst others!

What we offer you

  • Exposure on an established site
  • Support in helping you develop your writing skills
  • Creative freedom to be you. We want you to find your voice!
  • Joining our crew of writers, and network with them.
  • Access to all of our tools and premium subscriptions
  • Access to our professional network

NOTE: We are currently not offering payment. However, given our rate of growth, we should be able to offer this in the near future.

What we want from you

  • Enthusiasm to learn
  • Willingness to write
  • Strong interest in fantasy football


Still Interested?

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