Allen Robinson Signs With The Rams – Fantasy Impact

Allen Robinson stays in the NFC, making a decent-sized fantasy impact in signing for the Rams. Just as well too, the Rams needed more receiving talent. What with already having Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods at the top of a depth chart that has Van Jefferson on it too. Before we really get into it, this move surely sees the chance of Odell Beckham returning (at the moment at least) look unlikely.

With this move, we will get to see what is like for Robinson to actually be part of an offense that is consistently effective, and a QB that is an above-average performer. Stafford is easily the best QB of Robinson’s career, which is exciting- because we know that Robinson can perform.

Robinson struggled towards the end of his time in Chicago, as bad QB play and injuries took their toll on him. While it is easy to lump alot of the blame on others, the Chicago offense managed to have Darnell Mooney and Cole Kmet perform effectively. The difference in those two and Robinson is their playing style fitted what Chicago wanted to do, whereas Robinson struggled to get free of defenders and make it easy for his rookie QB to find him.

Stafford and the Rams offense on the other hand, should enable Robinson the opportunity to do what he is good at. Having secondary coverage in this offense, and an accurate (as well as trusting) QB should mean that Robinson is primed for a bounce-back season.

As a result of this move, he is likely to be over-valued in dynasty. He was expected to have a bounce in value, depending on where he ended up signing, but few would have predicted a move to the Rams.

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Image Credit: Mike DiNovo – USA TODAY Sports