Bob Lung’s Consistency Guide 2020 Review

This is something I’ve wanted to review for a while: Bob Lung’s consistency guide for 2020. It makes an appearance in my reading list every season, and 2020 is no different. Well, apart from he gave me a copy to review!

Who is Bob Lung?

Before we even get to telling you what is on the page- I know what you are thinking. Who is Bob Lung?

Bob Lung is the creator of the clutch system (more on that later), and a keen mind on making a consistent roster. He runs a website (that you can find here) where he takes about his methodology. His overall goal is to educate people in his method and help win fantasy championships!

What is covered in the book?

Bob’s Consistency Method

The first thing that is covered in the book is the understanding of his method of consistency. The method obviously has a few moving parts but the crux of it is;

It’s better to score fewer points across the season if you have smaller peaks and troughs, as you will be picking up more wins across the season as your team is a constant threat.

So if you have been the clear highest scorers in the league, but not managed the playoffs- that is a prime example of this method in action! While there will be an element of bad luck (injury, bad weather etc) that aren’t controllable by you, you can control who you roster.

Consistency is different form league to league, as it depends on your scoring method. Luckily, that can be covered in using a tool he has offered (for free) on his site- you can find that here.

Consistency Profiles For Every (?) Player

The bulk of the book are profiles for what seems like every player you might consider drafting. They look back at previous seasons, as well as currently ADP to determine if they offer good value or not.

An example of one of those profiles is shown below;

Bob Lung's Consistency Guide 2020 Review King Fantasy Sports
Example consistency profile (for Leonard Fournette)

As you can see it outlines how effective a player has been overall by season, then a split by game for the previous season. Another layer of the profile is the game splits by Home/ Away and performances against various defenses.

Draft Prep

At the end of the book, there is a section that looks at players taht are undervalued based on their ADP’s. Keeping this list close to the hip for your draft can really help get some ‘sleeper’ picks in your draft.

So where can I get it?

You can get it on Amazon (just search for it on your country’s page) or you can get it directly from Bob’s site here.

Bob Lung’s Consistency Guide 2020 Review: Is it worth it?

Ultimately in my review on Bob Lung’s consistency guide for 2020 I want to answer the biggest question

“Should I buy it?”

I think that it’s a fantastic resource, one that I’ve used for multiple seasons now. For the price too, it’s worth the investment- even if it is just for one year to delve into the methodology of consistency.

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