Carson Wentz To Washington – Fantasy Impact

Carson Wentz is on his way back to the NFC East with a trade to Washington Commanders, here we take a look at the fantasy impact. Clearly the Colts are happy to re-enter the QB market instead of rolling into another season with Wentz leading the offense. They clearly think that there is something out there they can pick up relatively cheaply too, with very little gained in moving Wentz off their books.

Impact for Washington

Washington made a move for one a QB that has had question marks over him for a while. But, they have managed to bring in a veteran in a market that doesn’t (currently) seem to have many options. With how Washington’s season unfolded, Wentz is an upgrade at the position which is great for the supporting cast.

It’s not going to be a huge boost, but a level of consistency is going to help the value of Terry McLaurin, who really had a down year with the mix of QBs throwing the ball last season. Wentz still has a stink around him, which is likely to either keep the value of the assets on the team, or potentially depress it.

One person who I would be looking to acquire right now is Logan Thomas. Thomas really showcased his ability to be an effective option when he managed to stay on the field, following up a good season the year before. With Wentz a player that has looked to the position on plays, Thomas could be a decent pick up.

For Wentz personally, this move doesn’t do alot for changing his dynasty or redraft value. His dynasty value has maybe decreased, given that he is now on his third team in three years shows the volatility his personal position is in any roster. But it’s a sideways move.

Impact for the Colts

This is slightly more of a challenge because at the moment the team doesn’t have a true starting option. With the Colts not having a significant amount of draft capital either, the team are likely going to be trying to find another trade partner or look to a (thin) free-agent market.

For fantasy, Jameis Winston is probably the best option currently on the market. But we could see the team opt to bring in Jimmy Garoppolo, who can run an offense with a bit more of a steady hand.

So, a big domino falling in the 2022 offseason. This is the type of article that is interesting to look back on a year from now as the true fantasy impact of the Russell Wilson trade to Denver really takes shape. Don’t forget, you can get prepared for your fantasy drafts with our Fantasy Draft Kit. Or you can find us on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram.

Image Credit: Marc Lebryk – USA TODAY Sports