Crossing the Streams- Week 10

As Week 10 arrives, we are right in the heart of the fantasy season. Our decisions are never more critical than they are right now. One wrong decision in the middle of the season can be the difference between missing or making the playoffs. Crossing the Streams is here to help!

This article aims to help you with those tough decisions at kicker and D/ST. For this column, I will avoid any options ranked inside the top 12 by Fantasy Pros ECR. Those options are easy calls and are unlikely to be helpful. I’m going to look into the deeper options to help those hampered by matchup or bye-week issues.

Defences/Special Teams (Start’em)

Indianapolis Colts vs. NE

The Colts currently rank as DST14 and have been hit-and-miss for much of the season. Last week I chose to ride with them and they put up a monster game. This week they face a Patriots offence that allows 10.4 fantasy points per game to opposing DSTs. That’s the 5th most in the NFL. Indianapolis has 55 tackles, 25 sacks, 10 forced fumbles, 5 fumble recoveries, 9 interceptions and 3 touchdowns this season.

Atlanta Falcons vs. ARI

The Falcons currently rank as DST24 and much like the majority of my Week 10 streaming defences have been a total mess that will require a prime matchup. This week they get a matchup with a Cardinals offence that is almost as bad as their defence. The Cardinals are allowing 8.4 fantasy points per game to opposing DSTs, the 8th most in the NFL. Atlanta has 39 tackles, 25 sacks, 6 forced fumbles, 5 fumble recoveries, 4 interceptions and 0 touchdowns this season.

Kickers (Start’em)

Chase McLaughlin, TB vs. TEN

McLaughlin has been slightly above average but not spectacular this season. He hasn’t won or lost you a week and has been mediocre. McLaughlin currently ranks a PK16 on the season and is slowly moving up the rankings. He faces the Titans this week who have been the 2nd best matchup for opposing kicker. The Titans are allowing 11.0 fantasy points per game. McLaughlin is 13 for 13 on field goals, 15 for 17 on extra points and has added in 1 field goal from 40+ yards, and 4 from 50+ yards.

Matt Gay, IND vs. NE

Gay has been excellent this season and has been a pleasant surprise to those who waited on kickers. Gay currently ranks a PK3 on the season and has been truly elite. He faces the Patriots this week who have been the 6th best matchup for opposing kicker. The Patriots are allowing 9.9 fantasy points per game. Gay is 24 for 24 on field goals, 16 for 18 on extra points and has added in 3 field goals from 40+ yards, and 6 from 50+ yards.

Greg Joseph, MIN vs. NO

Joseph has been decent. he hasn’t killed your lineup but hasn’t won you any weeks. He seems to rest comfortably in the 8-10 point range on a weekly basis. Joseph currently ranks a PK22 and his ranking reflects his little upside. He faces the Saints this week who have been the 12 best matchup for opposing kickers. The Saints are allowing 8.4 fantasy points per game. Joseph is 21 for 23 on field goals, 13 for 17 on extra points and has added in 1 field goal from 40+ yards, and 3 from 50+ yards.

Week 9 Report Card

For the purposes of this article, I think it is fair to set the line at 8.0 fantasy points. Any total of 8.0 or higher will be deemed a hit, and a total of 7.9 and lower will be called a miss.

D/ST (4 hits, 0 misses)

Las Vegas Raiders- 19.60 points HIT

Washington Commanders- 13.40 points HIT

Indianapolis Colts- 27.10 points HIT

New York Giants- 13.30 points HIT

Kickers (3 hits, 1 miss)

Eddy Pineiro- 9.40 points HIT

Chad Ryland- 6.30 points MISS

Anders Carlson- 8.00 points HIT

Joey Slye- 9.40 points HIT

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