If You Want To Win Then Don’t Play These Players

Here we are folks, NFL week 15 and if you’re still playing in fantasy then that means you’re playing for a trophy. The last thing you want to do is trot out a player who is usually a stud but only to have them be a dud. Your lineup can’t handle that. You’ve put too much effort into this wild season, don’t let a trophy slip through your fingers. Outside of the quarterbacks, I’m not saying these guys will be terrible, I just want you to temper your expectations about their promise.

Drew Brees, Quarterback, New Orleans

Without a doubt, this man has been nothing but a headache this year. Having only been a top 10 quarterback but twice on the season. Now Michael Thomas, another disappointment, is done for the year. Don’t let that trophy slip through your fingers by starting Drew against Kansas City. He isn’t worth the gamble. I’m expecting a gigantic helping of Latavius Murray in the run game while the Saints try to hold the ball for as long as possible. I have Philip Rivers and Matt Stanford ranked higher than Brees this week.

Russell Wilson, Quarterback, Seattle

Yes, Russell was COOKING the first half of the season and he did so last week as well. You probably made the playoffs purely due to the fact he single handedly won you matchups earlier on. But that was early season Russ. Last week? That was the Jets. Quick sidebar, how in the world does Adam Gase still have a job?! Now he faces the toughest defense he has seen yet. Washington is giving up around 1.5 touchdowns per game to quarterbacks. That is not a typo, 1.5. Do not hitch your trophy hopes to this man. I would even start Brees over him.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Running Back, Kansas City

If you made the playoffs with this guy as your top running back then you must have an incredible team to help carry this bum. Clyde has been a gigantic disappointment considering the draft capital most used on him. This week, he faces his toughest matchup yet in a talented New Orleans defense. Couple that with injuries all over the Kansas City offensive line makes me question even starting him as a running back. He does however make for a very potent flex play, Latavius Murray would be a running back I would add to my starting lineup if forced to play CEH alas well.

Kenyan Drake/Chase Edmonds, Running Back, Arizona

Philadelphia has just gotten nasty against running backs of late. Giving up less than 100 yards and just a single touchdown per game on the year. Starting any of this backfield is a risky proposition and should be avoided at all costs. Unless you’re playing in a PPR league, don’t expect anything from them. I would start Raheem Mostert over both of these guys even with his unknown health status.

Ezekiel Elliot, Running Back, Dallas

Don’t let that trophy slip through your fingers by starting this shell of a running back. Zeke has on,y produced double digit points twice in the last seven games. I wouldn’t even risk starting him as a flex. Yes, you read that right, put him on the bench. Dallas is facing a ferocious San Francisco run defense this week and Zeke won’t produce.

Chris Carson, Running Back, Seattle

Washington has become a beast of a defense this year, giving up fewer than 85 yards and a score on the year to running backs. Couple that with Seattle’s love for a two back system spells trouble for Carson. At best he delivers 50 yards and a score. Don’t start him at running back but do consider him as a flex play.

DK Metcalf, Wide Receiver, Seattle

This article is loaded up with Seahawks and it’s for good reason. Washington is a dominant defense. Even with Haskins starting at quarterback, they have a great shot at winning. DK will still see plenty of deep balls but I have concerns with his ability to convert them. I see Russell turning to Tyler Lockett as his primary dude and so should you. Expect second tier numbers from DK, so he is still starter, just not elite.

Amari Cooper, Wide Receiver, Dallas

San Francisco is the 10th best team versus the pass. They are also fighting for their playoff life. Don’t let the trophy slip through your fingers by expecting him out to be your top wideout. I’m expecting a big game from either CeeDee Lamb or Michael Gallup as Dallas plays from behind while Cooper sees double coverage.

Adam Thielen, Wide Receiver, Minnesota

Thus is the pecking order for the Minnesota offense; Dalvin Cook, Dalvin Cook, Justin Jefferson, Dalvin Cook. Need I say more? Yes? Oh, they are playing the Bears, who have blanketed wide outs this year. I would feel. Ore confident playing Amari over him and so should you.

DJ Charles, Jr., Wide Receiver, Jacksonville

Don’t let that trophy slip through your fingers by starting this man. Jacksonville’s passing offense is a hotter mess than the United States 2020 Presidential election (which still isn’t over). He has seen 16 targets over the last two games and has caught only four passes. Need I say more? Bench him.

Well my friends, this wraps up my list of players of who to not start this week. If you want to know who to start, go check out the rankings here. If you need a lifeline now, find me on Twitter and I’ll respond post haste. Until next week.

Image Credit: Chuck Cook – USA TODAY Sports