Draft Tips To Win Your League

Draft season is upon us, so I thought I’d share some tips so you can win your league. I honestly hope that everyone who plays reads this, even if they are in my league- and you should too. The reason being, the better everyone is in your league- the more fun you have in it.

So, this week I thought I’d work on getting you some articles to help you draft better. This article is going to be a lighter read than others this week as it will be light on strategy. Let’s get into it!

Tip 1: Know Your League!

This really (to me) is the most obvious tip, but something that alot of people get wrong. Before you start putting anything together, know how your league scores and the roster settings.

Scoring Settings

For example, in a PPR league, you are going to want to look for some target machines that can get you a nice baseline each week. Equally, in any kind of TE premium league, the value at the top of the position (Travis Kelce and George Kittle) means that they are worth first-round consideration. Or, in a Superflex league, you might not want to wait for your first QB as you would in a ‘normal’ league.

Roster Settings

Similar to scoring settings, you need to be aware of how the roster settings work in your league. What I mean by this, is by understanding what you are able to select in your league shapes what a ‘typical’ roster will look like. Which, ultimately, will change what is on the waiver wire.

For example, in a league that has more flex spots you can take cover from any position. That means you can just select the best player available. However, in a league that has more fixed positions, you need to alter your strategy to satisfy them. In a league that has three or even four WR positions, you need to draft your depth- as the wire is going to be thin.

Take into account the roster and scoring settings as the first step in preparing for your draft.

Tip 2: Try some things out in Mock Drafts

Rankings are helpful. Equally, cheatsheets are too. But putting those into practice and trying out different strategies will help you when it comes to draft day.

Just this week, I spoke to some readers about the strategy for their first-round mid pick. My advice was to do a few mock drafts trying out taking a variety of players, and then they would be prepared for their draft.

Essentially what I was doing, was telling them experiment with some alternating strategies. Then they could see the types of players that they would be able to pick up later.

Tip 3: Shape Some Draft Strategies

Each year there are new strategies that break out into the mainstream. As well as other information that can help you shape your draft strategy. You can find our articles on strategy here.

Tip 4: Use Cheatsheets and Rankings

Cheatsheets and rankings are great, and you should be using them to help your draft. Take one that you like, and (ideally) adapt it. If you need one click the link below (and keep an eye for other scoring settings too):

Our cheatsheet might not be perfect for you, but the most important thing is that it is tiered. Grouping players that have a similar value to your roster will let you make better decisions. Leading to….

Tip 5: Be Aware Of The Board

This is another one that might seem obvious. If it is, then you are probably already doing it. But in being aware of the needs of other people in your draft you are going to be able to make better decisions.

To highlight what I mean lets imagine a scenario were you are in the 8th round. You are on the clock, selecting from the 10th position in a 12 person league.

You are inbetween a WR and a QB. And not sure which way you want to go- so what do you do? LOOK AT THE BOARD

  • There are going to be four picks inbetween your pick now and your next one
  • You have two WRs left in a tier, and two QBs
  • Team 11 has a QB already
  • Realistically, they team 11 isn’t going to grab another QB.
  • So take the WR now, and then you are (almost) certain to get one of the two QBs you have in your tier

So those are the biggest draft tips I can give you to win your league, stay tuned this week as we release more articles to help you for your draft! Remember you can find us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

Image Credit: Evan Habeeb – USA Today Sports