DraftKings Simulated Madden Stream

DraftKings have launched simulated Madden Stream games as a relief for NFL fans (and sports fans) everywhere. With the world being put on hold, sports are certainly not on the horizon any time soon. DraftKings have looked at different modes that can be added, including Madden streams.

While the game mode is completely new, it has some similarities to other games in the regular season. And while you can’t play for cash prizes, you can win DK dollars!

The scoring works in the exact same way as they use in regular NFL contests. The actual mode works in the same way as showdown games. That means that you need to choose five players and a captain for $50,000.

King Fantasy Sports DraftKings Simulated Madden Stream

Some key information for you;

It might seem odd to be logging onto DraftKings to look at a game involving a simulated Madden stream, but it’s great! Have some fun with the mode- and give yourself the chance to get some DK Dollars in the bank for the regular season!

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