DraftKings SMF Showdown 2022 – Denver @Jacksonville

Finishing the UK international series of the 2022 season, Denver @Jacksonville, here we cover the DraftKings showdown slate. The last of the action in the UK, and the only game to be held at Wembley. Currently pegged to be a low-scoring affair, this could turn on it’s head if the Broncos offense finally get on the same page and move the ball against this poor Jaguars defense. The interesting thing will be how second-year QB Trevor Lawrence deals with the Denver defense.

DraftKings SMF Showdown 2022 – Denver @Jacksonville Captain Picks

Travis Etienne ($16,200 Capt/ $10,800 Flex)

Etienne is for the Jaguars what Saquon Barkley is for the Giants. If the team get a lead, Etienne is going to be given the ball on the ground. If the team need to chase points, Etienne is going to get work through the air. There is no way that Etienne isn’t involved in the offense (barring injury). The price point is nice, and Etienne is going to be my CPT in the majority of lineups.

Jerry Jeudy ($12,900 Capt/ $8,600 Flex)

Jeudy has really started to get more involved in the offense in recent weeks, working as the lead receiver in the offense ahead of Courtland Sutton. Jeudy has been moved to slot on a number of snaps, which has really helped him produce. Slot receivers have been decent against this Jaguars secondary (to be fair, most receivers have), and Jeudy’s ability to make things happen after the catch combined with his aDOT are a great combination.

DraftKings SMF Showdown 2022 – Denver @Jacksonville Flex Picks

Russell Wilson ($10,200 Flex)

Wilson has been the butt of many jokes, after stating he was doing workouts on the plane over to the UK. But, he is set to return in this one. This might not be a high-scoring game, but the Jaguars have not had a strong secondary this season. Wilson has the ability to click with the offense- surely it happens at some point? This could be the breakout performance his season needs. If it wasn’t for Etienne, I’d have him as a CPT consideration.

Trevor Lawrence ($10,000 Flex)

Lawrence has looked alot better this season in a better offense, and has somehow developed a TD vulture mentality, which gives him some upside if the passing game stalls out. The Broncos secondary is great and the pass rush has managed to keep the pressure up. I’m not expecting too much from Lawrence, but I’ll have some lineups with him in as a compliment to Etienne.

Christian Kirk ($9,000 Flex)

Kirk is one receiver that is likely to cause a mismatch operating out of the slot. His importance to the Jaguars offense can’t be overstated, and it’s unlikely that the Broncos shadow Patrick Surtain on him too often. The price tag is likely to put a few people off, but in DK’s PPR scoring he has a decent floor- the issue is that the ceiling isn’t too high.

Courtland Sutton ($8,000 Flex)

Sutton, much like Russell Wilson, has the ability to have a blowup game- it just hasn’t happened yet this season. The Jaguars secondary is weak, and Sutton feels like he has been priced too low to not consider. If he were able to score a TD to go with a few receptions he is a nice upside option.

Latavius Murray ($7,400 Flex)

Fun fact- Murray will be the first player to play in two UK games in the same season on different teams. I’m not really interested in Murray at the price though, feels expensive as he is in a timeshare backfield. Needs to score a TD to have any real opportunity at hitting value in this one.

Zay Jones ($6,800 Flex)

Jones has established himself as one of the main receiving weapons in the offense, with a decent target share in an offense that is throwing the ball alot. Has sneaky RZ opportunity too as a receiver, which really helps him for fantasy as the Broncos secondary is a decent unit. Although, I’d prefer to pay down for Evan Engram.

Melvin Gordon ($6,600 Flex)

Gordon is my preferred RB for the Broncos, as he costs $800 less than Murray but still gets a near even split of carries. You can run on the Jaguars defensive front, and Gordon is getting enough volume in the offense to do damage. The way that Gordon is used in the passing game too, he has a decent floor. Doesn’t really need to score to hit value in this one.

Marvin Jones ($6,400 Flex)

Jones returned from injury last week, and was immediately given a decent target share in the offense- he just didn’t do anything with them. Jones has the ability to have big weeks, with his deep threat. The question will be which Jones (Zay or Marvin) gets covered by Surtain in this one. That’s going to be the big concern (which is why I’d pay down for Engram instead).

Greg Dulcich ($5,400 Flex)

Well, it appears that Wilson found his receiving TE in the offense- and it’s Dulcich. With both Russell Wilson and Brett Rypien he has been given the opportunity through the air. Operating as a release valve in the offense when the pass rush comes, which can happen with the Jaguars front.

Evan Engram ($5,000 Flex)

Engram feels like a player I’m going to have alot of in my lineups on this slate. Been getting targets in the offense, and performing with them too. The Broncos defense is going to be doing all they can with Surtain to limit the receivers (although, I don’t think they are going to shadow primary receiver Christian Kirk with him), which leaves Engram over the top. Engram has a similar role to Kirk, with a very similar aDOT and YAC, but is near half the price.

JaMycal Hasty ($2,200 Flex)

Hasty steps up to be the backup RB, with James Robinson traded in the week. Has shown his ability in flashes in his NFL career, but they have just been flashes. If he breaks off a big run for a score like he did in Week 6 he is going to be a nice low-owned option.

DraftKings SMF Showdown 2022 – Denver @Jacksonville Kickers and DSTs

The defenses are a bit meh on the slate, given their pricing. The Jaguars DST ($4,400) have struggled to really make an impact for fantasy, with only 2 sacks in their last three and no turnovers. If it was Rypien throwing the ball, I’d be slightly more tempted to roster them. But feels like you are hoping for mistakes, rather than thinking the unit is going to force them. The Broncos DST ($4,200) are the better value in my opinion as they have the ability to make plays, and have been turning up the pressure with their pass rush. If there secondary can delay Lawrence getting the ball out of his hand, then they could get sacks in this one.

The kickers! As with most showdown slates, the kickers are worth considering to make some savings in an (expected) low-scoring game. Of the two, I’d prefer Brandon McManus ($3,800) who is slightly cheaper, and is a reliable option at kicker. With his leg ability he can convert from deep and is accurate enough with and opportunities he is given. If Wilson continues to stall in the redzone, we could see him used to keep the scoreboard ticking. Riley Patterson ($4,000) has been accurate in the limited work he has been given. I’m fine with having him in this one too, I just prefer McManus.

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