DraftKings SNF Showdown 2022 – Miami @Buffalo

Finishing off the first Saturday of the 2022 season- the DraftKings showdown, Miami @Buffalo. There are weather concerns with snow, but there isn’t alot of wind so we should still be able to see the aerial dual that we want to see. The O/U here has been set at around 44 points, with Buffalo a TD favorite. This slate is going to be about finding the options that score TDs, with a low total expected. Might sound obvious, but it’s really key were we could struggle for offensive production otherwise.

DraftKings SNF Showdown 2022 – Miami @Buffalo Captain Picks

Josh Allen ($17,400 Capt/ $11,600 Flex)

Allen should have a decent game here. Has a nice floor with his rushing ability, especially with the concerns around the weather in this one. If the teams are able to pass it out too, Allen should easily finish as the top scorer on the slate. I think I prefer him as a flex on the slate, so I can fit in more mid-range options, but I’ll have a decent share of him.

Tyreek Hill ($16,800 Capt/ $11,200 Flex)

Hill is the player that really has the largest range of outcomes for me on the slate. With the weather we might not see alot of deep balls, which hurts Hill to some degree. But, Hill has the ability to take a short pass and make it into a long gain, or a TD. I’ll have some of Hill at CPT, but I’m not completely sold on it.

Stefon Diggs ($16,500 Capt/ $11,000 Flex)

Diggs has a good chance at smashing on the slate, working as a possession receiver with potential to break a big play. I actually prefer Diggs to Allen as CPT on the slate, as the savings really help put in more top plays on this slate. The fact that he didn’t see much work last time out too, the team are going to feed him the ball to keep him happy.

Raheem Mostert ($9,300 Capt/ $6,200 Flex)

Mostert is worth considering as CPT IF Jeff Wilson is ruled out or is going to be limited. The Dolphins backfield as a whole has been decent for fantasy, the issue has been that it has been split. In a game that could be affected by the weather, should be a nice play allowing you to put plenty of studs in your lineup. If he falls in the endzone- BINGO. I’m not really looking to play Jeff Wilson ($5,600) much at all on the slate unless he is literally given the ‘all-go’.

DraftKings SNF Showdown 2022 – Miami @Buffalo Flex Picks

Tua Tagovailoa ($10,200 Flex)

Tua might have a good game, but in the conditions I think he could struggle to get into a rhythm on the field. With the strength of the Buffalo offense, we could even see the passing game dialed right back as the Dolphins look to keep the clock moving. If he hits, then it’ll most likely be where Hill has had a big game. So you really need to stack them.

Jaylen Waddle ($9,000 Flex)

This is the type of game where I think Waddle struggles in. Doesn’t get the same number of targets as Hill, and has struggled to really perform when he has been given the ball. He could have a big game, but the price tag really requires him to do a fair amount to hit value on the slate.

Gabe Davis ($7,400 Flex)

The pricing of Davis makes me interested here. Yes, the weather might mean that we don’t see alot of deep pass attempts, but he only really needs to break one of those bombs to hit value here. If the team opt to keep him closer to the line of scrimmage he could see a bump in targets. Feels like an almost must-start.

Devin Singletary ($7,000 Flex)

The fact that James Cook has been involved in the backfield make this a strong play, but not a slam-dunk. We should see plenty of carries in this game, and Singletary has been getting the bulk of the work. The Bills are going to need Singletary to keep the chains moving, and open up the field for their receivers.

Isaiah McKenzie ($5,800 Flex)

McKenzie has popped this season, but also had games where he has struggled and torched your lineup. On this slate, with the weather, I could see this being a game that McKenzie performs. The Bills are going to need to keep the clock moving, which is going to mean rushes and short completions- an area that McKenzie really performs in.

Dawson Knox ($5,400 Flex)

Sometimes you have to take a stand on a player, and I’ll take it on Knox on the slate. His big frame gives Allen plenty of room for error in the middle of the field, and he has been used plenty in the redzone. The pricing is great, but there is still risk. His role in the offense has been growing, but the pass attempts could really be scaled back here.

Trent Sherfield ($5,000 Flex)

Sherfield is a real punt play for the Dolphins. Has been used as a deep threat this season almost exclusively. The weather could really impact Sherfield though with the lack of deep passes attempted. If he catches one of them he hits value, but it’s a big ask.

James Cook ($4,800 Flex)

Cook has been very hit-or-miss which makes him a nice GPP option here. I don’t think I’ll have too much of him as a standalone option, he feels like a big risk if he is just put on the sidelines. If I am going to go with him, it’ll be in a combination with Singletary on the assumption the Bills just look to run the ball for the whole game.

DraftKings SNF Showdown 2022 – Miami @Buffalo Kickers and DSTs

Another showdown slate, low-scoring, so the kickers are auto starts right? Not really. The wind could really hurt the ability of both kickers here, and if the wind gets too strong we could see both teams just go for it on 4th instead. I’d prefer Tyler Bass ($4,000) to Jason Sanders ($4,200) given that he is slightly cheaper and has home-field advantage.

The defenses are both very much in play though. The Bills DST ($4,600) have pieces returning, and the Dolphins offense could struggle if Tua can’t get into a rhythm and keep this defensive front from smashing the backfield. Going to be highly owned, but it’s hard to avoid chalk sometimes. The Dolphins DST ($3,400) are a sneaky play here. The weather is a great leveller, and Allen hasn’t looked to be the same player since he injured his elbow a few weeks ago. If they get to Allen and force a few turnovers, they could be a nice pivot here.

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