DraftKings SNF Showdown 2022 – Tennessee @Kansas City

Finishing off another Sunday of the 2022 season- Tennessee @Kansas City and the DraftKings showdown slate. This game really is a clash of styles. The visitors will be looking to do it all on the ground with the human wrecking ball Derrick Henry, the home team will be looking to air it out. I’m hoping it is a good one, with the O/U set at around 46 points, with Kansas City favored by around 2 TD. Alot of that will be with the question mark at QB for the Titans, but I’m hoping we see some good offense on both sides.

DraftKings SNF Showdown 2022 – Tennessee @Kansas City Captain Picks

Patrick Mahomes ($18,000 Capt/ $12,000 Flex)

Mahomes is one of the few QBs that get CPT consideration with his ability to make any pass and have a big game. The deep threats that he has all have a chance of performing, getting the right one is key- but in selecting Mahomes you don’t need to worry about it. Unless the Titans manage to keep him off the field entirely, Mahomes has a huge opportunity to be the highest-scoring player on the slate.

Derrick Henry ($16,200 Capt/ $10,800 Flex)

If Henry is playing, you have to consider him for CPT. It doesn’t matter who the QB is, their primary job is to hand the ball to Henry and just watch him destroy defenders. Henry just ran for 219 yards against a poor Texans defense. I’m not expecting him to do that, but the Chiefs aren’t the stoutest run defense, after giving up more than 150 yards to Josh Jacobs in recent weeks. I looked back at his average stats against the Chiefs in his career- 110.7 yards, 1.3 TDs. With some MONSTER games in there, you need to have some lineups with Henry at CPT.

Travis Kelce ($15,600 Capt/ $10,400 Flex)

Kelce used to be a 1A/ 1B option when Tyreek Hill was in town, but is not the lead receiver for Mahomes. That truly means that you can share most box scores (within reason) and I’d believe it happened. A 10 reception 100-yard game with a score? Sure. A 4 TD game on minimal yards? Sure. A mix between the two? You get the point. Even with Mahomes looking to spread the ball amongst his receivers, Kelce is getting around 24% of the targets.

DraftKings SNF Showdown 2022 – Tennessee @Kansas City Flex Picks

Ryan Tannehill/ Malik Willis ($9,800/ $9,000 Flex)

Who starts for the team? Tannehill has definitely made things a little harder to work out, traveling with the team, but truly I’m not sure I want either of the Titans QBs. The isn’t a lot of passing volume in this offense to get excited about, and the price points feel high. Willis has the ability to be good for fantasy with his rushing ability, but I’m not going to put him in here- the matchup is too tough. I’ll monitor the situation as the other receivers get a boost if Tannehill is throwing the ball.

JuJu Smith-Schuster ($8,400 Flex)

Smith-Schuster is really finding his feet in the offense, catching short passes and then making plays after. Back-to-back 100-yard games with a score in each, against this Titans secondary there is every chance we see him do that again.

Robert Woods ($7,600 Flex)

*only in play if Tannehill starts* Woods isn’t getting the number of targets that he used to get with the Rams, with the offense built on the run. So it’s all about the quality of the chances that he gets. If Willis is throwing him the ball, I don’t think the quality is there for me to consider him at this price. Think it’s a struggle for him to get there with Tannehill.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire ($7,000 Flex)

Edwards-Helaire is a rollercoaster play. He could easily have a dud as he did against the Raiders (where he had 35 all-purpose yards and 3 receptions). But he could equally steal some redzone TDs and have a big game as he did against Tampa Bay (where he had 94 all-purpose yards, 1 reception, and 2 scores). I’m going to have a few lineups with him, but he isn’t a pillar to build your team around.

Kadarius Toney ($6,800 Flex)

I’m not sure what the reaction from the field is going to be with Toney here. He has the ability to make plays, and now has a QB that should give him the quality of targets to succeed. With the defense also needing to deal with multiple offensive threats, he’ll get space too.

Mecole Hardman/ Marquez Valdes-Scantling ($5,600/ $5,400 Flex)

Finding the other receiver for the Chiefs that performs is huge for your success on the slate. Hardman is going to have people chasing the points, after he managed to score 2 TDs on the ground last time out. Hardman has been able to carve out some role in the offense, as a gadget player who can convert to TDs at a good rate.

Valdes-Scantling is the cheapest receiver for the Chiefs, but is the one that probably comes with the most upside. His deep-threat ability means that he only really needs to catch one or two passes and he hits value.

Nick Westbrook-Ikhine ($5,200 Flex)

The Chiefs are likely to stack the box to try and limit the impact of Henry on the ground- especially if it’s Willis that is throwing the ball. Westbrook-Ikhine has the ability to get free deep and convert with his speed. If Willis is really struggling we could see him used as a short option, and asked to make plays. If Tannehill plays, then he is going to be used to keep the secondary honest with occasional opportunities. Either way, I like him as a play in this one.

Dontrell Hilliard ($4,200 Flex)

Hilliard is a backup for Henry, but has his role as a pass-catching back nailed in the offense too. Regardless of who the QB is in this one, he is going to get work- being used on the ground, and as a release valve as a short-yardage receiver. I prefer him more if Tannehill is the starter, simply because Willis is likely to prefer to run the ball than dump it off, but I’ll have him in lineups regardless.

Jerick McKinnon/ Isiah Pacheco ($3,000/ $2,400 Flex)

The second RB option in this one is going to have sneaky value. McKinnon is getting out on the field, but is struggling to do anything with that as he isn’t getting touches of note. Pacheco is getting work in bursts, but not on the field too often. Getting the right one depends on what you think is going to happen in this one. If you think the Titans get a lead, opt for McKinnon. If you think the Chiefs control the scoreboard, go for Pacheco.

Cody Hollister ($200 Flex)

The slate is full of top options, so you need to find someone that you can use to save salary. Hollister is priced at the minimum and was on the field for over half the snaps last week. The price means he doesn’t really need to do anything to hit value- if he matched his Week 7 two catch for 32 yards, then he crushes the price tag.

DraftKings SNF Showdown 2022 – Tennessee @Kansas City Kickers and DSTs

The kickers are, as always, in play. Harrison Butker ($5,000) has missed two FGs this season, but he is an accurate kicker, and playing at home should be used to the conditions. I’m going to have one lineup with Butker as CPT, as I can actually then get in all 3 CPT considerations into a lineup without too many concessions. Randy Bullock ($4,400) needs a particular game script to unfold for him to be valuable here. The Titans have shown that when they have a game to chase they are happy to keep him on the sidelines, with two games where he hasn’t been asked to attempt a kick.

The DSTs are interesting in this one. If Malik Willis starts, or plays a significant amount, then the Chiefs DST ($5,800) are in play for me. Yes, Henry could crush them on the ground, but Willis has shown he can struggle with making decisions- leading to sacks and turnovers. With the playmakers that the Chiefs have, they could convert one of those turnovers to a score or break a kickoff return for a big play. The Titans DST ($3,800) aren’t a unit that I’m overly interested in, putting pressure on Mahomes is tough and the Titans aren’t an imposing enough unit to believe in them making a big play.

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