DraftKings SNF Showdown 2023 – Pittsburgh @Baltimore

Another 2023 DraftKings showdown slate this time Pittsburgh @Baltimore. Setting the tone for the last week of the regular season, we have backups playing starters. The Steelers still have a chance of making the playoffs if they win, while the Ravens have already locked up the #1 seed in the AFC. So, expect to hear some names you’d never heard before here. The O/U has been set at 36, with the Steelers favored by just over a FG.

DraftKings SNF Showdown 2023 – Pittsburgh @Baltimore Captain Picks

George Pickens ($14,100 Capt/ $9,400 Flex)

The Steelers need to win this to have ANY chance of making the playoffs. Pickens has been in a good run of form recently, with a 2 TD 195-yard game being followed up with another 9 reception 131 yards. With Pickens likely to be facing backups, he could have another big game here. One of the better ceiling plays on the slate.

Tyler Huntley ($13,800 Capt/ $9,200 Flex)

With the Ravens resting their starters in this one, it’s going to be dart-throws all over. So, with that in mind, if I had to go for a Ravens CPT it would be Huntley. Has a solid floor with his rushing ability, and has shown that he can move the ball downfield through the air. But, I wouldn’t be going for him too often on the slate.

Najee Harris & Jaylen Warren ($10,800 & $9,300 Capt/ $7,200 & $6,200 Flex)

Harris or Warren are going to be the CPT selections for me on the slate. The Steelers backfield work is being split, and the offense looks like it is more than happy to lean on the backfield. The pricing here seems out of whack considering the workload that they should be getting here. I’ll likely lean towards Warren with his involvement in the passing game, but I think you can combine the two of them in your lineups and be fine.

DraftKings SNF Showdown 2023 – Pittsburgh @Baltimore Flex Picks

Mason Rudolph ($9,000 Flex)

Rudolph looks like he is going to be the starting QB to finish out the season. Hard to know if it’s Rudolph truly leading this offense, but it’s certainly found some life to finish the season. If you have Pickens as a CPT, and he has a good game, Rudolph is likely to be dragged along too. Should have a solid outing facing the backup defense of the Ravens. However, if I went with Harris/ Warren as CPT, I don’t think I’d go with him as a flex.

Gus Edwards/ Justice Hill ($8,600/ $5,600 Flex)

I’ll write up these two briefly, but think that they won’t really see too much work here. Edwards might get on the field to start, but with nothing to gain, I could see him getting pulled early. Hill might see a little more work, but it’s still going to be minimal. If you go this way, you are really needing to hope that they find the endzone on limited work.

Diontae Johnson ($8,200 Flex)

Johnson had a good time when Trubisky was throwing the ball, but with a change in QB, his production has fallen off- with Pickens making plays. Johnson is still a massively talented player though, and at some point that talent should be given opportunity. GPP pivot from Pickens for me.

Isaiah Likely ($6,600 Flex)

Likely caught just two passes last week- they just happened to both be TDs. Can’t see him being out on the field for too long, with bigger games for the team on the horizon.

Malik Cunningham ($6,000 Flex)

Cunningham has found himself being the backup for the awful Patriots offense, to then being the backup for the Ravens #1 seed in the AFC. According to the talk this week from John Harbaugh, Cunningham is going to see the field. Think we could see the Ravens try out some ‘Taysom Hill’ type plays here- with Cunningham having a dual role. Throwing the ball as well as lining up as a receiver.

Pat Freiermuth ($4,400 Flex)

Freiermuth has the ability to make plays, but seems to be behind a number of players with Rudolph throwing the ball at QB. The Steelers offense isn’t a high-scoring one, so there is limited scoring potential in this one. And with limited targets, and production, he feels like a cheap TD-only dart throw- even with backups in defense.

Dart Throw Plays (Various)

This section could really be re-named to be ‘random Raven that will be productive’. But, as always, instead of writing up a line for a few options with their own sections, thought I’d list out a few in one area. Not really worth considering these as core plays, only in GPPs:

  • Melvin Gordon (RB, BAL) $3,600 Flex – Gordon is likely to get the most touches out of the Ravens backfield, with Edwards and Hill likely to be pulled. The team has signed Dalvin Cook, but not sure he will be active this week. Far more likely to be a playoff piece. At the price, I’ll take plenty of shots with Gordon
  • Rashod Bateman (WR, BAL) $3,400 Flex – Bateman has been working as the WR3 in the offense, which could mean him becoming the WR1 once the team start pulling starters. Or, he could be pulled too if the team get very comfortable. Not much of a floor in the offense though, with the team likely to rush the ball far more often than throwing it.
  • Nelson Agholor (WR, BAL) $3,000 Flex – Agholor is far more likely to be on the field more than any receiver. Would normally be the WR4 in the offense, which could lead to him getting the most play of any receiver if the Ravens decide to spell Bateman too.
  • Allen Robinson/ Calvin Austin (WR, PIT) $2,800/ $1,400 Flex – Robinson and Austin have similar outlooks in this one. Robinson is on the field far more, but really is struggling to get targets in this offense. Austin is a livewire, but has struggled to stay on the field this season. Not sure I want either at this price, there are cheaper options on the slate with similar floors but higher ceilings.
  • Patrick Ricard (RB, BAL) $1,200 Flex – Ricard found the endzone last week for his sixth TD of his career. He could do it again, but the Ravens don’t tend to give him much play. Feels like he is expensive on the slate considering his workload.
  • Charlie Kolar (TE, BAL) $800 Flex – Kolar is likely to be the TE with most time on the field here. Caught his first career TD last week, and should be given a chance to build on that here. With the way Huntley has typically targeted the TE position (although in fairness, that was with Andrews and Likely) not a bad play at the price. Probably my favorite play of the bunch here.
  • Laquon Treadwell (WR, BAL) $200 Flex – Treadwell could end up seeing alot of action, and has the speed to make big-plays. Not sure it’ll lead to much production with Huntley throwing the ball, but don’t need much here at min-price. Worth a punt.
  • Tylan Wallace (WR, BAL) $200 Flex – Wallace is another min-price play that should see alot of the field here. Similar to Treadwell though, not likely to be overly productive. But, really doesn’t need to do anything at the price to hit value here.

You could also just click a few other of the depth pieces for the Ravens. We could see them mix in any number of these depth charts plays, and any one of them could fall into the endzone. But I don’t feel overly confident with any of the others here.

DraftKings SNF Showdown 2023 – Pittsburgh @Baltimore Kickers and DSTs

Whenever Justin Tucker ($5,000) is on the slate you have to at least consider him. Could easily see him being called upon to help the offense when Huntley stalls with his backup offense against the starting unit for the Steelers. Tucker has been typically accurate this season, hitting 31 of his 36 attempts with a long of 50 yards. Equally, I’d be fine with Chris Boswell ($4,600) too. The Steelers offense has been improved, but could still struggle on the road to keep the offense moving forward nearer the goal-line. Boswell has only missed two of his 30 FG attempts, with a long of 57 yards. Should see some more action here.

The Ravens DST ($4,200) feels overpriced here- considering the team is going to be resting several starters. If you go this way, it’s much more of an anti-Steelers play that anything else. The Steelers DST ($3,800) have talent on their defense, and should be able to make some plays against backups. At least, you’d really expect the likes of TJ Watt to have a decent game rushing the passer. I could see them being a popular selection on the slate though, with the narrative of facing a backup Ravens offense.

So, there are our DraftKings selections for the 2023 Showdown of Baltimore @Jacksonville! Remember any DFS questions, you can check out our articles here. Or you can find us on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram.

Image Credit: Charles LeClaire – USA TODAY Sports