DraftKings Wildcard Showdown 2021- San Francisco @Dallas

Another Wildcard DraftKings showdown slate of the 2021 season, this time between San Francisco @Dallas. A matchup between these two seems to be a classic playoff game, and there are plenty of offense pieces in this one. As a result, this is going to the type of game that you can really attack in several different ways. That makes it an exciting one to play in, and also lead to several lineups being entered for me. In the below, I’ve missed out the Cowboys running backs. That isn’t to say that I won’t have some lineups with them in, I just don’t feel very confident in the split in the backfield. With the strength of the 49ers run defense too, I didn’t want to write them up.

DraftKings Wildcard Showdown 2021- San Francisco @Dallas Captain Picks

Deebo Samuel ($16,800)

This season Samuel has shown that he can do anything. He has been a YAC monster, finding space on the field and making big plays, and also playing out of the backfield too. That mixed usage gives him an average of just over 100 yards per game, with around 5 receptions. Even though the Cowboys secondary has forced some turnovers, it has also allowed plenty of big plays to the WR position.

Dak Prescott ($15,900)

The thing with the Cowboys offense is never knowing which receiver is going to have a good game, and navigating the backfield split in carries. But, Prescott allows you to get exposure to all of the passing game, as well as some rushing work too.

DraftKings Wildcard Showdown 2021- San Francisco @Dallas Flex Picks

Eli Mitchell ($8,000)

Mitchell really established himself as the lead back for the 49ers, becoming their workhorse back. Mitchell is a big part of the offense, in his last five games he has been handed the ball consistently, with an average of over 100 yards per game. With the importance of the run game, Mitchell should see plenty of work.

George Kittle ($7,400)

With his importance to the offense, Kittle is always one of those players that you need to consider. Kittle could be under-owned too, after three weeks of poor production. In those three games, he has only had eight receptions for 60 yards. That isn’t going to get it done, but he has the ability to have a big game, with six games where he has logged over 75 yards this season.

Cowboys Receivers (Various)

Rather than writing a line for each player, I thought instead I’d write about all of them in one section, so stay with me. CeeDee Lamb ($9,800) and Amari Cooper ($7,200) are the receivers that many people will flock to, for good reason- they are the leading receivers on the team grabbing headlines. The thing is that their usage has been inconsistent in the past few weeks. That makes some of the cheaper options on the team very viable.

Dalton Schultz ($6,200) has been great in the past four games, either hitting at least 50 yards, or scoring two TDs in each of those games. Schultz is one of the more reliable options for the Cowboys passing attack, which is why I will be putting him in my lineups for this slate.

Finally, Cedrick Wilson ($5,400) has played well when he has been on the field, having a huge game against the Eagles in the final week of the regular season. I’m not thinking he has a big-game like that again this time out, but he will be filling the slot role for the Cowboys offense, which should give him good value with DraftKings PPR scoring.

Brandon Aiyuk ($6,400)

Aiyuk struggled at the start of the season, but started to find his feet towards the end of the season. With Samuel being used all over the formation, Aiyuk has been running more routes and getting free. With Jimmy Garropolo looking close to the line of scrimmage, Aiyuk has been productive. There is no reason to think he can’t keep that up against this Dallas defense.

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Image Credit: Kyle Terada – USA TODAY Sports