Death, taxes, and coaching changes in the NFL (and the 2023 season is no different). Each year several coaches lose their job. Even after a strange season, there has been a lot of movement this season. We take a look at them, and the potential impact on your fantasy team.

Here we are only going to look at changes in HC (and OC where it has happened with a HC).

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2023 Arizona Cardinals Coaching Changes

Head Coach - Jonathan Gannon

The coaching situation last season was definitely on it’s last legs in the depths of last season, and the Cardinals made sure they got their man. So much so that the team were forced to give up a draft selection, as the team made contact too early. Gannon takes over during a time with uncertainty. The team are waiting to see how QB Kyler Murray recovers from injury, as well as have alot of draft capital for the next season.

As a defensive-minded coach, he is going to be tasked with trying to sort out that side of the ball, and relying on newly installed OC Drew Petzing to get the offense moving.

Offensive Co-ordinator - Drew Petzing

Petzing steps up from working with the Browns offense the past 3 seasons (2 as TE coach, most recently as QB coach). Whether he can cope with the step up there is no way of guessing, but the offense has to be better from just slowing down and trying to reduce the number of penalties called against them. If Murray is able to return to start the season, that is going to be a massive bonus.

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2023 Carolina Panthers Coaching Changes

Head Coach - Frank Reich

Reich was turfed out of Indianapolis after the QB carosel that the team employed came to an end. But, with a new QB to mix in with some new veterans signed during free agency, this offense should be able to move the ball. With the way that the Panthers were able to run the ball last season, that should give Bryce Young a nice foundation to work with. 

Offensive Co-ordinator - Thomas Brown

Brown has been given his first opportunity as an offensive co-ordinator, having worked for the Rams in quite a few offensive coaching roles over the past 3 seasons. Reich has said that he will be calling plays to start the season, which makes sense given the lack of experience from Brown.

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2023 Denver Broncos Coaching Changes

Head Coach - Sean Payton

Payton wasn’t long retired, before joining the Broncos. Denver had to part with a bit of a haul to the Saints though (29th 2023 selection, 2024 2nd round pick in exchange for Payton and a 2024 3rd round pick). With the capital given up for Russell Wilson thats alot of draft capital to give up over the past two seasons, and the Broncos are definitely all in.

Payton was able to keep the Saints offense in the conversation as one of the better offenses in the league year after year. The pieces are all there for the Broncos too, as they were last year.

Offensive Co-ordinator - Joe Lombardi

Lombardi has been given another role in the NFL, following Payton to Denver. He worked under Payton for a long time for the Saints as QB coach. The individual impact of Lombardi is going to be somewhat minimal though, with Payton calling the plays and being the main voice

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2023 Houston Texans Coaching Changes

Head Coach - Demeco Ryan

Ryan has a legacy with the Texans, as the all-time tackles leader for the team, and returns from working with the 49ers defense. That defense in the bay was one of the most dominant in the league, but the Texans don’t (yet) have talent throughout their depth chart on that side of the ball. They do have some pieces that have shown their worth, as well as Will Anderson (selected 3rd overall in the past draft).

His impact on offense might be limited, but it’s going to be the development of the offense and franchise QB C.J. Stroud that is going to be key to his success.

Offensive Co-ordinator - Bobby Slowik

Joining Ryan from the 49ers comes Slowik, who has spent a significant time under Kyle Shanahan in a number of roles (having moved to the 49ers from Washington). How Slowik adapts to the Texans is going to be interesting, given that the team have struggled to stay ahead in matchups in recent seasons.

With gaps at receiver, and a struggling run game- this could be a long season for this offense unless they make a step change this season.

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2023 Indianapolis Colts Coaching Changes

Head Coach - Shane Steichen

The Colts have pressed reset on their franchise. They tried Frank Reich with a carousel of veteran QBs, which didn’t work. They then midway through the season decided that Jeff Saturday should be their Interim Head Coach with massively limited experience. 

This offseason though, the team made a hire in Steichen who has worked with some effective young QBs recently. He was the OC for Justin Herbert’s record-setting rookie year, and spend the last two seasons developing Jalen Hurts for the Eagles. He is going to be tasked with doing the same again with newly drafted Anthony Richardson. The offense surely can only get better after struggling so much last season surely?

Offensive Co-ordinator - Jim Bob Cooter

Cooter comes in to work as OC after spending last season as part of Jacksonville Jaguars coaching staff as passing game coordinator. That really was to ‘pay’ for the association he had for two years under Adam Gase on a poor Jets team. Cooter is likely there for support rather than anything else, with Steichen working with him two years ago. Make no mistake, Steichen is going to be the one to call the shots.

2023 Offensive Co-ordinator moves only

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Baltimore Ravens - Todd Monken

The Ravens have been a ground-and-pound offense for years, but have made some moves this offseason that would seem to mean that’s changing. They brough in veteran receivers, as well as drafting one in the first round. But the biggest change is the appointment of Monken as OC. When he was with Tampa Bay back in the mid-to-late 2010’s he was calling the plays during Jameis Winston and Ryan Fitzpatrick’s wild TD and INT seasons- until Bruce Arians came in. This is a big shift in philosophy, so there could be some early struggles- but there are signs of decent fantasy production coming through the air.

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Dallas Cowboys - Brian Schoettenheimer

Losing Kellen Moore, and replacing him with Schotettenheimer is a real step-change. Instead of a multi-dimensional offense, we are likely to see quite a run-heavy offense (at least that is what he ran in Seattle). Since he moved on from Seattle, he has worked in some role in passing offenses, so that overall philosophy might have shifted a little. Overall though, he has struggled to get decent and reliable fantasy production on any of the teams he has called plays for.

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Kansas City Chiefs - Matt Nagy

Nagy felt like a natural successor for the Chiefs OC role with Eric Bienemy leaving this offseason. This role though is watered down, given the fact Andy Reid will continue to call the plays, and Mahomes given the freedom he gets.

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Los Angeles Chargers - Kellen Moore

Moore completely changed the approach of the Dallas offense in his four years as OC of the team. Instead of a run-heavy offense, he opened them up and spread the ball around. The way he did that even when Dak Prescott missed time with injury was fantastic. Now he moves over to call plays for a Chargers offense stacked with talent. This is a move that could help this Chargers offense take another step forward.

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Los Angeles Rams - Mike LaFleur

Sacking LaFleur feels harsh, given the way that Zach Wilson struggled to do anything on the field- but that’s the game. LaFleur now moves West to become the OC working under Sean McVay. It’s not really going to have much of an impact, with McVay calling the shots for the team. With the way the Rams depth chart looks, he could struggle to get them to improve on last season.

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New England Patriots - Bill O'Brien

O’Brien is back in the league, but this time he won’t be able to make trades. That can only be a good thing. He has also been a much better OC than he has been a head coach, after rebuilding with Alabama in college. The Patriots offense surely can only improve from the slow-paced offense they ran last year. He just missed out on working with QB Mac Jones, but there will still be a bit of a connection there. The biggest worry for the offense will just be the lack of true talent- with question marks at pretty much every position.

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New York Jets - Nathaniel Hackett

Hackett’s time in Denver was…….not good. He had all of the pieces to have success, but ended up struggling to get those pieces working effectively. Hackett has a relationship with Aaron Rodgers, which could well be the reason for the hire here. But, if the Jets offense struggle to start out the season he is surely on a short leash.

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Philadelphia Eagles - Brian Johnson

The Eagles success has meant that they lost their OC to the Colts, and up steps Johnson. He has been the QB coach for the past two seasons, so should have a strong relationship with the offense and Jalen Hurts to rely on. Regardless of whether Nick Sirianni continues to allow others to call plays or not, this offense is an effective unit. That shouldn’t change this season.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Dave Canales

This offense struggled last season, and I can’t see that really changing with the QB room now being a battle between Baker Mayfield and Kyle Trask. Canales has spent over a decade in the Seattle coaching room in some way. He was able to get Geno Smith firing last season, as he worked as the QB coach to the veteran. If he can get Mayfield’s college version back, we could see some fantasy production here. 

Ultimately, this feels like a hard (impossible?) task to get consistent production from this offense that has one of the worst offensive lines in the league.

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Tennessee Titans - Tim Kelly

Kelly has been in this division for around 10 years, spending time with the Texans before moving to the Titans last season. Last season, there is no hiding from the fact that the team STRUGGLED on offense. The offensive line wasn’t able to block effectively, which put the whole offense on the back of Derrick Henry as the Titans struggled to move the ball through the air. This offseason the team signed free agent DeAndre Hopkins, which should give them a veteran receiver that could elevate the play of their QBs. I can’t see this offense changing- it’s going to be Henry running (literally) the show, with some plays made by Hopkins, and Treylon Burks downfield to keep the boxes lighter than last season.

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Washington Commanders - Eric Bieniemy

Bieniemy has taken a big risk here, in leaving the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes to join Washington. This organization has just changed ownership, which means there aren’t any loyalties, and the depth chart here isn’t as stacked with the Chiefs. This move though was all about stepping out from the shadow of Andy Reid though and proving his head coaching potential. If he turns this Washington offense around from last season, then he will really have shown his coaching ability.

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