Dynasty QB Strategy

In dynasty, your positional strategy will be slightly different, QB being no different! Understanding what those differences are, and how to adjust will help you perform in your league

What is the difference to Redraft?

In redraft leagues, the rosters are smaller, so you’ll see fewer QBs rostered. That makes streaming harder in dynasty leagues, as each team will carry a few more players. 

With the fact that players can be held for as long as a manager likes, there aren’t many players that find their way back to the waiver wire.

Dynasty QB Considerations

Knowing how you should value a QB for dynasty, knowing what you have will form a large part of your overall strategy.

Surrounding Talent & Contract Situation

It’s a little obvious, but the surrounding talent is a big part of the value of a QB. For example, a player that is surrounded by a weaker offense isn’t going to be as valuable as others.

The added wrinkle in dynasty leagues, as you are looking at multi-year ownership, is the contract situation of those players. If your player is on a good offense that has it’s pieces tied down for years they are more valuable, generally, than players that have some pieces that will be free agents.

Equally, understanding the individual player’s contract situation. A player in a long-term contract is going to hold more value than a player in a short term one.

Age of your QB

Not a massive consideration, but you need to be aware of the age of your players. They can (partly) shape what you need to do with them.

For example, if you have aging QB, like Tom Brady, then realistically you are looking at just a few seasons of him playing in the league. So if your team isn’t quite ready to compete in that window, it’s time to move him on. Or, you know that in your upcoming rookie drafts, you need to try and get a replacement player.

Superflex Valuation

QB value is higher in dynasty than in redraft leagues, at the point the league is a Superflex that value increases even more. The reason being that the opportunity to start another QB increases demand on the position.

In these types of leagues, simply the waiver wire is going to be THIN. Every starter, and high-level backup is likely owned. So, you need to adjust accordingly.

In your startup draft, expect to see QBs come off the board early and often. In this format, I’d be looking to grab a top two tier option early, and then make a judgement on the line that I’m comfortable with as a second (or third) option.

If you need more help in determining your dynasty QB strategy, or some advice just reach out. Remember you can always have a look at our analysis in our dynasty section of the website. Or, drop into our discord server.

Image credit: Robert Hanashiro – USA TODAY Sports