Dynasty Startup Rankings

If you play in dynasty (and especially if you are about to have a startup draft) then you should check out our rankings page. Get prepared for your draft now with our rankings. You find our other rankings pages here.

If you disagree with any of them, let us know. We are happy to move them around if you can make a strong case. If you do and we change them as a result- then we will send you a code to use in the store. Reach out to use on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Dynasty Startup Rankings King Fantasy Sports

The above dynasty startup rankings are complied for the majority of leagues. That is taken to be leagues that operate a standard 1QB league (i.e. not Superflex or 2 QB).

Please remember, rankings are also just part of the story when it comes to drafting. You need to consider your own personal needs for your roster, including increased positional need as your draft progresses.

Equally, changes in circumstance can quickly alter some players values (a player is traded to a new situation, or a new piece is acquired/ lost by the team). For that reason, these rankings will be updated regularly. Please make sure you get the latest set before your draft- and have a look in our shop for our tiered cheatsheets!