Dynasty TE Strategy

In dynasty, your positional strategy will be slightly different, TE is one of the ones that is relatively the same to redraft. However, you will need to try and back a number of them, as streaming options are likely to be limited.

What is the difference to Redraft?

The main difference to redraft is that you are likely to have fewer waiver wire options in your dynasty league. The reason being that rosters are deeper, so there is simply more ability to roster them to cover for injury, bye weeks etc.

Dynasty TE Considerations

Knowing how you should value a TE for dynasty, knowing what you have will form a large part of your overall strategy.

Tier Jumpers

Tier jumpers are those guys that have the potential to be better than they have been previously. The value of them can really climb, due to the lack of top options at the position.

Getting in early on a TE is huge. Finding the next Darren Waller, a player who can come out of nowhere to be a reliable TE option can push your team right into contention.


Rookie TEs generally struggle. The need at the position to block and be a pass-catcher can be a difficult balance to achieve. So generally, a TE is going to be cheapest (most likely) after his rookie season. The TE position can have relevant options for years, due to the lack of usage they get in the league.

Scoring Potential

Outside of just a few top-tier options, the targets are just not going to be there. That means you are going to need to have a player that is going to be used in the redzone if you are going to find success.

The good thing is that the position generally gets usage in the redzone, because of the physical size of them in tight areas.

Offensive Scheme & Snap Count

This might seem extremely obvious, but how the TE position is utilized is going to be important to a players value. In recent seasons, the Colts have become a great scheme for TEs. Equally, the Cardinals haven’t been a great TE haven.

Another (obvious) area is how often the player is actually on the field, and that situation. A player that is only used on special packages isn’t going to have much fantasy relevance. Equally if they are on the field, but only used in run blocking they aren’t going to hold much value either.

TE-Premium Scoring

TE Premium scoring is becoming more popular, to try and bring some more relevance to the position. The size of the premium changes league to league, but essentially what it does is give an extra half point or point to a TE reception that to other positions. 

In a league like this, the top tier of talent becomes even more valuable. Travis Kelce for example would have finished as the top receiver. At that point you start needing to weigh up a TE or a backup-type receiver. That’s the impact.

However, it helps certain TEs over others. A heavily TD-dependent TE is hurt by this scoring methodology, like Robert Tonyan, whereas a reception-based player like Logan Thomas is helped.

If you need more help in determining your dynasty TE strategy, or some advice just reach out. Remember you can always have a look at our analysis in our dynasty section of the website. Or, drop into our discord server.

Image credit: Raj Mehta – USA TODAY Sports