Empire State Of Mind

The New York Giants are in an interesting position- they could be the worst team in the league, needing a true Empire State Of Mind. I’m sitting here currently watching week two of the NFL. My Giants are trailing the Chicago Bears 17-0.  Another season already fading away. It got me thinking what if? So what if the Giants have the worst record and number one overall pick in 2021?

The Giants have many issues within the organisation and team itself, o-line, wide receiver, defence and tight end. They seemed to have nailed down the quarterback spot last year with Daniel Jones but what if Jones does as I predict throw more picks than touchdowns? Do the Giants act at the 1.01?

 You have two quarterbacks entering next year with the pedigree of Andrew Luck. Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields are both going to change whatever franchise they end up on for the better. Born leaders, born winners and elite talents. Fields a five star recruit threw for 3,273 yards and 41 touchdowns in 2019. He has all the tools to be successful in the NFL, size, arm strength and incredible accuracy averaging 12.6 yards downfield. Trevor Lawrence threw for 3665 yards and 36 touchdowns in 2019. Much like Fields he has all the tools to succeed in the NFL and is a very special talent. 

Its an intriguing situation for the Giants so many holes, but you don’t miss out on the talent levels of Fields and Lawrence. I must admit Jones has grown on me, I did not like the move by the Giants last season but he showed flashes as a rookie. I accepted the fumbles and picks in year one as a learning process but I’m 2 weeks in and he has not learned it would seem. Then there’s the case of can you win a superbowl with JONES? Yes Flacco even Eli have but I don’t have the confidence in Jones to learn and game manage. In fact if Jones is not careful he could go the route of Winston. 

Like it or not the Daniel Jones might just be playing for his career if the Giants have a top 2 pick, you do not pass on the talent levels of Lawrence who would be my choice or Fields.

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Image Credit: Robert Deutsch – USA TODAY Sports