Fantasy 101: Beginning In Fantasy Football

Beginning in Fantasy Football can be tricky so we are starting with our Fanatasy 101 articles in our Get Started series. Here we try to get you up and running with some basic strategy. This article is the first in the series.

To get starting in playing fantasy football, you need to understand the way that the game work. This article will help you with your journey from rookie to expert. If you have played for a number of seasons, however, you will still get some value it too!

Fantasy 101: Beginning in fantasy football

The objective of fantasy football is simple. Build your team and select a lineup that scores more points than your opponent. Simple.

Beginning in fantasy football: Scoring Points

Points are rewarded for several different types of statistics. The most normal to be rewarded (on offense) are yards, touchdowns (and in the case of PPR leagues, receptions).

Beginning in fantasy football: Join a League

The first step to playing is joining a league. You can start a league with people you know, or , alternatively, you could try and find a ‘public’ league.

A public league is one that anyone can join, but they can become uncompetitive as people don’t have a commitment to their leaguemates. If you don’t have any friends that you can play with, consider joining the UK Fantasy League (UKFL).

Beginning in fantasy football: Draft your team

The next step is to draft your team. If you chose to draft in person with the people in your league then we have you covered with our draft boards (which have free UK shipping). Otherwise you can draft online.

Either way you will likely want to check out our tools (available on our shop) and the Ultimate Draft Kit (UDK) from the Fantasy Footballers.

We will cover the draft & the UDK in more detail later in the week, but if want to check it out- head on over using this link

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Beginning in fantasy football: Enjoy the Season!

When the NFL season kicks off, that’s when your league becomes active. Make sure you set your lineup each week, and make adjustments to put yourself in the best position to win your matchup each week (that’s why we play right!?)

The top teams in the league at the end of the season will make the playoffs and compete to win all of the glory (& any rewards that are on offer too.)

Anything you want covered in our getting started series? Please reach out to us on any of our media channels. You can find us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Enjoy your season!