Fantasy 101: Getting Ready For The Draft

In our next Fantasy 101 article we look at getting ready for the draft. It might seem easy, because it can be. You could choose to do no research. Then turn up and hope for the best- but don’t expect to win if that’s what you do.

Check out our other Fantasy 101 articles if this is the first time that you have played fantasy football. They will give you a great grounding, to begin with.

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This article outlines the things that you need to do when getting ready for your draft. As part of that there are some things to think about before you even consider making a pick.

Getting Ready For The Draft: Your Surroundings

Regardless of the type of draft that you are taking part in, you need to try and find out how it is going to be.

What I mean by that is that you might have done all of your prep work, saved your cheatsheet on your OneDrive ready for the draft and……there is no internet where you are (rare in the modern age, but that’s an example)

So have a think- maybe print out our cheatsheet, or save a local copy of it on whatever device you are taking with you- or regret it!

Getting Ready For The Draft: Your League

To know when you think you will be able to select players, you need to think about how your league settings will alter the way they are valued. There are a tonne of different variations of fantasy football (and we will cover the main ones later).

Making sure you are aware of the roster settings your league uses (and scoring) will help in making those decisions on draft day

Getting Ready For The Draft: Research!

You need to try and do some of your own research. Getting a cheatsheet is great, but understanding how it is put together is even better. We will be releasing a number of articles in the lead up to the season, to help you along.

We have also teamed up with the Fantasy Footballers in spreading the word of their Ultimate Draft Kit (UDK). There is so much in it that we there is going to be a separate article on it. But in the meantime check it out here.

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So that’s the next in our Fantasy 101 series getting ready for your draft should be in hand now! Any other things you need us to cover as part of your draft prep? Or have questions on anything covered? Please reach out to us on any of our media channels. You can find us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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