Fantasy 101: Superflex Leagues Strategy

Superflex leagues have become a popular league type in recent years, so get to know it as part of the Fantasy 101 series. So what does this league do with your draft strategy?

The reason for the popularity is that it (to some degree) flips the widely used strategy of waiting on QB. The main reason is that it limits the availability of the waiver wire options. Meaning you can’t cruise by using a number of mediocre QBs.

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Fantasy 101 Superflex Leagues Strategy: QB Scarcity

In a typical 12 person league, there isn’t normally a big difference (in per-game scoring) between the top of the position, and the 12th-best QB. That’s before even considering the ability of you to find streaming options throughout the season, with a number of options on the waiver wire.

However, add another starting QB (as you essentially do in a Superflex league) and that changes. Suddenly you are looking at the worst QB being the 24th, making the difference larger between the top and bottom. More importantly, it makes the position more valuable than others- as you really want to make sure every starting QB is rostered.

Fantasy 101 Superflex Leagues Strategy: When Should I Draft QB?

The key thing to remember is that drafts don’t change when you change the format of your league. You still should take the best player that you can in each pick.

The drop off at RB, for example, is still the same. In a normal draft, you might find one or two get selected early (the elite at the position) but then it tends to tail off. In a Superflex league, you should still try and take a mix of RB and WR, then grab a few QBs that are going to have the job for the season. I tend to try and have my first QB selected in the third round in most drafts, but I’m happy to wait if there are plenty of solid QBs available.

Overall Value

The bottom line in these types of leagues is that you should value some QBs as first-round picks. However, the other positions still hold significant value. Especially in PPR leagues, you might be better loading up with elite RB and WR talent early. Then take a look at the QB position. Try and leave the draft with at least 3 QBs, including a player that is undervalued later in drafts. Good examples of that in recent years are Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson.

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Image Credit: Philip G. Pavely- USA Today