Fantasy Impact- Aaron Jones staying in Green Bay

In a busy free agency period, there have been teams making multiple moves. However, one of the biggest moves to impact on fantasy players next year is Aaron Jones staying in Green Bay. The running back was thought to be leaving Lambeau Field for a new team. Many teams were rumored to want the services of Jones. Instead he and Green Bay came to an agreement. Here we look at the deal and what the fantasy implications are of Aaron Jones staying in Green Bay.

What is the deal that Aaron Jones has signed with Green Bay?

So if you just take a glance at the deal, it shows that Jones is signed to Green Bay for the next four years for $48m. However, if you look more closely it is not as simple as that. The deal has been structured in a way that Jones gets most of his money in the first two years. The reason for this is that it means that Green Bay can cut him after two years, and only use up $6.5m of cap space. The reason this is important for fantasy is that just because he has signed a four year deal it doesn’t mean he will be the starting running back for Green Bay for four years.

Other free agency moves that will affect Jones?

If the biggest plus for Green Bay was signing Aaron Jones then the biggest loss was losing Corey Linsley. The All pro center is considered the best in the league by many people and losing him will affect the run game. Linsley has gone to the LA Chargers in a five-year $62.5m deal making him the highest-paid center in the league. To lose an experienced center will hurt the run game but the Packers have got Elgton Jenkins as a replacement.

Another change for the Packers is that fellow running back Jamaal Williams left for Detroit. Williams was a good partner to Jones but now he has gone he will have A.J Dillion with him. Dillion is a big-bodied running back who should be used more on the goal line than Williams was. With that in mind, Jones may lose the odd touchdown or two but it shouldn’t affect him too much. Especially given the work that Williams had in the passing game (that is likely to be given to Jones).

Should I draft Aaron Jones?

Aaron Jones has been an RB1 for the last two seasons for fantasy. In 2019 he really stepped up and rushed for 1,084 yards and 16 touchdowns. On top of that he amassed 474 yards and three more touchdowns in the receiving game. Finishing as the number three running back felt like a big jump. However, 2020 saw him finish at number five with 1,104 yards and nine touchdowns rushing. Also, he got 355 yards and two touchdowns in the receiving game.

Once you have a running back collate these stats for more than one year its not a fluke. Jones is a quality running back and more importantly a vital part of the passing game. He may drop slightly because of the potential of losing goal-line work to A.J Dillion but he will still be an RB1. Currently, he is going at the 1.11 in redraft leagues. If you’re at the back of the 1st he is a good option. By doing this you have a genuine RB1 and you could pick another stud running back at 2.02 or top wide receiver.

Dynasty Startups

If you are drafting in dynasty then it’s not so clear-cut as he is going around the 3.09. Obviously much will depend on your own roster construction but there are two other running backs around the same spot. Currently, at the 3.09 you could have Joe Mixon or Antonio Gibson fall to you as well. Maybe you would look at Mixon and Jones being similar, but Antonio Gibson would be a better choice. Gibson is the main guy in Washington and only 22 years old. He had flashes last season and given time he could be an RB1 sooner rather than later. Jones is a quality running back but there are other options available.

Should I trade for Aaron Jones?

Obviously when it comes to trading for a player a lot depends on what your roster looks like. Do you need a quality running back for the upcoming season? Do you have other areas that need focusing on first? Aaron Jones is a quality running back but there are reasons why you shouldn’t be trading for him.

If you look at most dynasty calculators to get Aaron Jones, it suggests you need to pay a mid-2021 1st round pick plus a decent receiver. For example, if you were drafting at the 1.06 then you would have to give that up plus a player like Courtland Sutton. If you need that RB1 then it’s worth doing it if you don’t then you shouldn’t. If you have a decent squad with running backs and receivers then do you want to give up two players for Jones? Probably not


Aaron Jones staying in Green Bay is a massive plus for the Packers but not much of a fantasy impact. He is likely to be an RB1 for the next couple of years but in two years time he will probably be in the same situation as he was this off season. If you draft him you know you will have an RB1 for a couple of years but after that who knows. He is worth drafting but he does come with risks.

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Image Credit: Jeff Hanisch – USA TODAY Sports