GameDay 2023 Week 11

As part of our 2023 coverage, we are working with UK based app FantasyGameDayApp to bring you more DFS content- this is the Week 11 preview. As it’s relatively new, part of this post will explain a little bit more about it.

FantasyGameDayApp is a UK based DFS application that lets you play in a DFS competition just with UK residents

You download the app on your app store, you can do so via their website.

You have a budget of £40k, and need to select:

  • 1 x QB
  • 2 x RB
  • 2 x WR
  • 1 x TE
  • 1 x Flex (RB/WR/TE)
  • 1 x CPT (Can’t be QB- who earns double points)

Passing Scoring

  • Passing Yard: 0.04 per yard
  • Passing TD: 4
  • Passing INT: -2

Rushing Scoring

  • Rushing Yard: 0.1 per yard
  • Rushing TD: 6

Receiving Scoring

  • Reception: 1
  • Receiving Yard: 0.1 per yard
  • Receiving TD: 6

Miscellaneous Scoring

  • Fumble: -2
  • Two point conv: 2
  • Fumble recovery TD: 6

As part of this partnership, we have a promo code for you to use in the app. Use code GDKFS and after you deposit and play a game, you’ll get a free entry!

Reach out on social media, you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Or jump into our Discord server.

Image Credit: Rich Storry – USA TODAY Sports