Heady’s Hooligans of Week 11 Will Make You Squirm

Welcome back my friends to Heady’s Hooligans of Week 11 and buckle up, it’s going to be bumpy. Fantasy football is in the homestretch towards the playoffs and if you are in the hunt, then you need to take a look at this list before you hit submit on your lineups. These are players who are owned in over 90% of ESPN leagues and probably starting as the feature player on your team or their position. But, I’m hesitant with these guys finishing anywhere near the top of fantasy scoring for the week and so should you.

Heady’s Hooligans of Week 11: Quarterback

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay

Yup. You read that right. Mr. Discount Double Check himself is headlining this list. Green Bay hasn’t faced a defense like this since their disastrous road game versus Tampa. Indianapolis is the best defense in fantasy versus quarterbacks and I’m expecting more of the same. While he will probably throw for 200 yards and a couple scores, he will turn the ball over. Bank on it. He is my QB 14 this week, so while he isn’t a terrible start, if you need a win, he isn’t your man.

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay

Brady has performed well this year outside of that stinker versus New Orleans but I have hesitations this week. Facing Los Angeles, the second best fantasy defense versus quarterbacks, is the reason. In addition, Los Angeles’ defense has given up 156 on the year. That’s it. Which is best in the league. That fact alone is why Brady is on this list along with a few other Buccaneers. He is my QB 18 this week.

Deshaun Watson, Houston

Deshaun Watson is part of the Heady Hooligans of Week 11 for one reason only just like most of these guys. His opponent. New England is a tough matchup for any opposing quarterback, giving up an average of 15.4 points per game. I’m expecting Bill Belichick to dial something special up for him which will hamper his abilities. Deshaun should still be able to move the ball but touchdowns for him will be limited. I have him as my QB 15 this week.

Heady’s Hooligans of Week 11: Running Back

Miles Sanders, Philadelphia

There is one reason for this man making Heady’s Hooligans of Week 11 and it’s not his opponent. The weather. Massive amounts of rain is in the forecast on Sunday so this game will be ugly and low scoring. First to 17 will win this game. Coupled with Cleveland’s ninth ranked run defense in fantasy makes Miles a low end running back two for me. I have him as RB 22 on my rankings.

James Robinson, Jacksonville

One word. Pittsburgh. They are the BEST against running backs in fantasy. James is only a flex play this week. This game is going to be lopsided and ugly. He will probably get some garbage time scoring but it won’t be worth trotting him out as an RB 1; expect RB 20 numbers from him.

Ronald Jones II, Tampa Bay

Remember what I said about Tom Brady? Expect the same with Jones. Los Angeles is just too good to waltz out someone and expect yards and scores. Game plan wise, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Fournette come out and receive a larger work load in hopes of softening up LA’s fourth ranked run defense. He might see the end zone but he won’t run for more than 60 yards. He is my RB 17 for this week but will have better days in the future.

Ezekiel Elliot, Dallas

11, 5, 8, 8. That’s what Zeke has done over the past four games. It’s no longer the opponent on the other side of the ball stopping him, it’s the one between his ears causing him trouble. Even with Minnesota coming to town, I’ll be shocked if he scores more than 12 points in fantasy. Dallas will be playing catch-up all game and that means Zeke just becomes an expensive check down and pass blocker. Look elsewhere until he proves us all wrong. I don’t even have him in my top 24 for running backs.

Heady’s Hooligans of Week 11: Wide Receivers

Mike Evans, Tampa Bay

Los Angeles. They dominate on defense. Enough said. Also, Brady has three other pass catchers to feed. He won’t finish in the top 30 for wideouts this week. Bank on it.

A.J. Brown, Tennessee

This is a revenge game for Baltimore. They have had this game circled on their calendar ever since they got beat in the playoffs last year. In addition, Baltimore has the fourth best defense against wide receivers in fantasy. This doesn’t mean I don’t expect Tennessee to lose, I’m just expecting a heavy dose of Henry carrying them to victory. Brown checks in as WR 28 for me this week. Which means while a viable starter, he isn’t a WR 1 this week.

Tyler Boyd, Cincinnati

Tyler is my last player on my Heady’s Hooligans of Week 11 due to the surprising dominance of Washington’s defense. Nobody expected Ron Rivera’s squad to make such a big step on the defensive side but here they are. They are a true bend but don’t break team on this side of the ball only giving up 212 points on the year. I’m expecting another great game from Tee Higgins along with AJ Green doing his best Larry Fitzgerald impersonation. Boyd for me is WR 32 on the week, flex him and maybe WR 3 him but that’s about it.

There you have it folks, Heady’s Hooligans of Week 11. Yes, they are controversial, but that’s the point. You don’t make the playoffs or win championships without being controversial. Those guys that took Josh Allen in the 8th round or traded away CMC after he got injured were controversial. But guess what, odds are they are winning their league right now while people like me that drafted Julio Jones, Joe Mixon and Kenny Golladay in round one, two and three are 2-8 with zero playoff chances. Want more? Find me on Twitter or take a look at the King’s rankings for this week. Until next time.

Image Credit: Brad Rempel – USA TODAY Sports