IDP Fantasy Football 101

Individual Defensive Player (IDP) fantasy football leagues are becoming more popular, so we’ve brought in someone to cover it, starting with a 101 on them.

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Have you heard of IDP (Individual Defensive Players)? There is a good chance you have but not likely that you have started playing in a league. It’s my experience that some people get scared of IDP because it make fantasy more of a job with all those starters. Some people get nervous because they do not know defensive players. Whatever reason you may have been nervous about before, don’t worry you are in good hands! Take it from the Fantasy Football Hustler IDP leagues are the way to go.

Offense is half the game and defense is just as import in the real game why shouldn’t it be in fantasy. Everyone would think its weird drafting an offensive team unit. I think its weird drafting a team defensive unit. You will be way more engaged with every game you watch moving forward if you get into an IDP league!

Watch the video to get some insight into how to convert your league into an IDP league. Get rid of Kickers and get rid of Team Defense in Fantasy Football!

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Image Credit: Jerome Miron – USA TODAY Sports