IDP Position Eligibility

A big thing that can affect the value of IDP talent is their position eligibility. Being able to play a player in a few positions helps in a few ways. Firstly, it allows you to be able to be more versatile with your roster during bye weeks and injuries. Secondly, it can give you a big advantage over your league mates. Instead of having a middling ranked Linebacker, you could have a top-tier defensive lineman.

For the purposes of the analysis here we are going to be using the position designations from Sleeper, and using the following scoring:

1 Point

  • QB Hit
  • Assisted Tackle

2 Points

  • Tackle for Loss
  • Solo Tackle

3 Points

  • Forced Fumble
  • Fumble Recovery
  • Pass Defended
  • Safety

6 Points

  • Sack
  • INT
  • Any TD

Assuming a starting lineup of two of each of DL, LB and DB you can set the baseline for VBD at each position at the 24th ranked player at their position. In truth you could set the line wherever you want, it’s just a comparison to use across positions.

Roster Flexibility

Having a number of players that can operate in your defensive positions can be priceless when it comes to bye weeks and short-term injuries. Instead of spending FAAB or burning a waiver priority, you can simply rotate another player into your lineup.

It’s generally better to get players that have DL/LB eligibility as they can help deepen the DL pool that is available. Depending on the player, they can dominate the position.

Better Positional Ranking

The ability to put players into different positions also gives them the ability to have better fantasy value to your team. A few examples are shown below:

Player Pos Designation 2020 Fantasy Points Pos 1 Ranking Pos 2 Ranking Max VBD
T.J. Watt
Jeremy Chinn
Shaquil Barrett
Khalil Mack

Particularly with players that are able to play DL or DB as well as LB see improvements in their ranking when they are not put in the LB position. Infact, T.J. Watt goes from being the fifth ranked LB to the most valuable IDP player! The likes of Blake Martinez would be a more valuable LB that Watt, so the dual eligibility really helps!

It also makes the likes of Khalil Mack who would be borderline unowned on small bench leagues at LB, a starting player on the DL.

So clearly, in particular for DL eligible players, it’s worth adding a player with dual eligibility. As the position can be dominated by pass-rushers, as the tackle count overall is lower at the position.

If you need more help, or the full data set that was used, in the analysis of IDP position eligibility just reach out. Remember you can always have a look at our analysis in our IDP of the website. Or, drop into our discord server.

Image credit: Brace Hemmelgarn – USA TODAY Sports