IDP Positional Strategy

Getting your positional strategy is a big part of your success in IDP. Wrongly valuing a position can put your on the backfoot in your league. But what should you be looking at?

Defensive Linemen

The lineman position drops off quickly, similar to the RB position in ‘normal’ leagues.

Sacks are great, but you still need tackles

In an ideal world, you want a player that works as a run stopper and also gets after the QB. However, the players that get after the QB are the ones that are going to go off the board early. After that, look for the players that are going to be used as a run stopper and get tackles.

Scheme is important

Scheme is important, especially for defensive linemen. The way a player is used in a 3-4 system is different to in a 4-3 system. One that is operating in a 3-4 system is less likely to be able to make an impact on the game.

Time on the field

Somewhat obviously, having players that are used in a variety of ways and packages is better for you than a player that is rotated in and out.


Linebackers are going to provide you with the majority of your points each week due to the number of tackles that they will typically make in a season.

Middle Linebackers Are Key For Floor

MLBs are key for success, but there are quite a few of them that are available in your draft. Getting a top-tier player that the defense is built around though can give you a major advantage.

The reason being that normally these players end up with high tackle totals, and the real elite are sometimes schemed to get the occasional sack too.

Outside Linebackers Are Your Ceiling

Outside linebackers primarily work to pressure the QB, especially those that work was a weak side player. If the scheme they operate in is blitz heavy too then it can great a great upside opportunity.

Bad teams can be great for scoring

Teams that are bad are often have their defense on the field for more of the game. That allows for more tackling opportunities. Especially as the team in control will often look to kill the clock on running plays, giving linebackers more production.

Defensive Backs

In the pass-heavy NFL defensive backs have the opportunity to make a play on the ball and score points

INTs are great, tackles are better

As with every other position, tackles are going to be a stat that you can rely on to a much greater extent. The highest scoring players at the end of the season will be the ones that have more INTs, but you simply can’t rely on them week to week.

Free-Roaming safeties are FANTASTIC

Safeties that are given the opportunity to do what they want to on the field are fantastic. Normally because they just seem to be able to be in the right spot on the field. That gives them more opportunities for tackles and sacks as well as the occasional INT.

Better CBs = Less Fantasy Production

The more effective a CB is in real life, typically the less reliable they are for fantasy. Of course, they can have big weeks, but offenses might look to limit the number of passes going that way- limiting scoring opportunities.

If you need more help in determining your IDP Positional Strategy, or some advice just reach out. Remember you can always have a look at our analysis in our IDP of the website. Or, drop into our discord server.

Image credit: Jerome Miron – USA TODAY Sports