Inside/ Outside Week 6

Welcome to Week 6 of ‘Inside/Outside’ talk about an exciting Week 5. Monday night was the perfect ending to what turned out to be a pretty exciting week of football. I will admit I’ve been a fan of Marquise “Hollywood” Brown since the beginning and seeing the progress Lamar Jackson has made as a passer (suck it haters!) has been a joy to watch as well.

One thing I did not expect was the fall (still early) of the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cleveland Browns to help Austin Ekeler score what turned out to be his game winning touchdown.

In fantasy, is anything really predictable? Ok, enough philosophy. Let’s get started, but first! Before we move forward, I’d like to remind the readers what exactly this article is intended for. 

Every week I select players inside the FantasyPros Consensus Top 12 that I think will finish  outside the top 12 and players outside the top 12 that I like more. 

This is NOT  a ‘start/sit’ article per say. This is more or less how I feel about a player, why I feel that way, suggesting what I would do, what to expect, and who I like more.

I know when offering advice and analysis, accuracy and accountability are important. Not just to you guys but me as well. Every week I like to keep track and share my previous week’s picks that I got right and wrong. 

Accountability Report

QB Aaron Rodgers (GB)

Week 5 Ranking 11th

Prediction- Outside

Week 5 Finish 14th

What. A. FREAKING. GAME! If you’ve been trying to get your leaguemates to remove kickers and had no luck, just make them watch this game, amirite. I know kickers are people too, but we don’t like everyone, now do we.

RB Najee Harris (PIT)

Week 5 Ranking 12th

Prediction- Outside

Week 5 Finish 11th

I was so close, I mean really close, like I’m hoping for a delayed stat correction close, so I can feel good about my process, close. In all seriousness Pittsburgh and Big Ben looked kinda good on Sunday, while Najee continues to stick it to the off-season doubters.

WR Diontae Johnson (PIT)

Week 5 Ranking 17th

Prediction- Outside

Week 5 Finish 24th

Ah Diontae Johnson, you either love him or hate him, there is no in between it seems. After his fifty yard touchdown in the first quarter, I was sure I would get this one wrong. Diontae is currently the WR21 and with Juju likely to miss multiple weeks, maybe it’s time to send out an offer for ol’ Diontae.