Inside/ Outside Week 7

Welcome to Week 7 of ‘Inside/Outside’. Week 6 did not disappoint as far as fantasy or ‘real life’ football goes. Leonard Fournette looked like the fourth overall pick on Thursday night. Miles Sanders actually got a carry for once. Dak Prescott and the Cowboys continued their win streak against the Patriots in what I consider the best game of the week.

Monday night football was a close second. Derrick Henry looked like an MVP candidate. A.J. Brown had the football version of the infamous ‘flu game’ and somehow, some way, the Titans beat the Buffalo Bills to move to 4-2 on the season.

Week 7 aka Bye-apocalypse has some intriguing matchups, all things considered. Weeks like this are why depth is important and the savvy fantasy players get creative with their lineups and muster up a win.

OK, let’s get started, but first! Before we move forward, I’d like to remind the readers what exactly this article is intended for.

Every week I select players inside the FantasyPros Consensus Top 12 that I think will finish outside the top 12 and players outside the top 12 that I like more.

This is NOT a ‘start/sit’ article per se. This is more or less how I feel about a player, why I feel that way, suggesting what I would do, what to expect, and who I like more.

I know when offering advice and analysis, accuracy and accountability are important. Not just to you guys but to me as well. Every week I like to keep track and share my previous week’s picks that I got right and wrong.

Accountability Report

QB Sam Darnold (CAR)

Week 6 Ranking 12th

Prediction- Outside

Week 6 Finish 15th

I tried to tell ya, I really did. I wrote about it last week lol The world comes at you fast and in all fairness, Darnold and the Panthers have had a tough schedule after lighting the world on fire the first four weeks. If you’re in any 2QB or SuperFlex leagues, it’s a good time to pick him up. Reach out to the Darnold owner and see if you can acquire him at a discount. His playoff schedule is NICE!

RB Nick Chubb (CLE)

Week 6 Ranking 9th

Prediction- Outside

Week 6 Finish n/a

Ok, alright, fine! Like last week with Calvin Ridley and Kyle Pitts, this article came out BEFORE the Chubb news was announced. I need all the wins I can get, it’s been a rough year.

WR D.J. Moore (CAR)

Week 6 Ranking 5th

Prediction- Outside

Week 6 Finish 38th

You would think with thirteen targets and over seventy receiving yards, a WR2 performance is almost guaranteed. Very weird week for Moore and the Carolina wide receivers. Like Darnold, try to acquire Moore before it’s too late. The Panthers’ wide receivers have the second-easiest remaining schedule for wide receivers.